Read and learn from first hand experiences of those who have cleared CLAT in the last 2 years and wish to share their lesser known strategies with you.

In this article we will talk about 2 things:

  • The methodology adopted by the Toppers of CLAT  for preparations and
  • Advice by the toppers on how to better perform in CLAT 2017


Ruchi Manchanda – from National Law University, Bangalore shares

“I practised English Reading Comprehensions (RC’s) from different sources randomly but after the examination I heard many aspirants saying that Reading Comprehensions came direct from the Tata Mcgraw Hill.

It turns out most of the times the passage comes directly from this book.

If I had to attempt a pre-read RC I would have saved so much time!”

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Surya Patnaiyak from National Law University, Bhopal comments on Time Management

“The biggest challenge in CLAT is time management. Because the exam is online, it just made things worse for me.

I did not practise much online. Had I prepared online I would have definitely performed better. Preparation done online gives you an edge over others. While trying sample tests from my study material, I always attempted more questions.”

He further adds “I only took a few online tests. Had I practised more online and took quite a number of tests, I would have scored better marks in CLAT. I found myself struggling to attempt the paper online, I was never at ease. Practice would have surely made me more comfortable on the Online Platform.”


Topper, Richa Singhania from National Law University, Kochi 

“I wish I had prepared Legal Knowledge part of Legal Reasoning section thoroughly. There were quite a few typical Questions on Legal Knowledge and I found myself unable to answer them as I had not prepared extensively for Legal Knowledge. Principle-fact based questions were easy but others were GK based. There were Assertion – Reason based questions which I never saw in past 2-3 year papers of CLAT and they required prior legal knowledge.


Neha Pandey from National law University, Lucknow says

“I wish I had actually SOLVED and not just glanced through previous year’s papers. I saw them once to check the paper pattern but did not take them seriously and kept on preparing from multiple sources.

I was surprised to see that in CLAT there were questions that were repeated direct from previous years.

A piece of advice from my side to all the future CLAT aspirants is to take previous years’ papers seriously and solve each and every question of last 5 previous years especially from Legal Reasoning/Legal knowledge section. There has been a trend in the CLAT paper of same questions being repeated and if you want to perform well you should consider solving previous year’s papers thoroughly.”

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Vineet Bhargava from National Law University, Patiala

Vineet shares his experience on how he prepared GK for CLAT. He gives us various inputs on how ideally GK should be prepared.

“For General Knowledge, I was guided by teachers and coaching institutes that it should be prepared over the months by reading the daily newspapers. I also planned to prepare likewise, but that never happened.

I read the paper for 2-3 days then skipped a week and the trend continued. With the Class 12th syllabus, Board exams, school exams, coaching classes, I just couldn’t manage.

Just a month before the exam, my friend suggested that I try CSR. How I wish I had prepared GK from Competition Success Review from the very beginning. Life would be so much easier.

My piece of advice to the CLAT aspirants 2017 is that you should purchase a quality magazine for 1 full year, and should prepare GK from there if you are like me who cannot read the newspaper. Please note, I am not saying that you should not read newspapers. You should scan the newspapers on a daily basis but for quick preparation and revision you can rely on such options.”

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