All future lawyers who are struggling to get into a reputed law School of the country are looking for a solid study schedule that helped CLAT toppers. Rohit Sharma, who just got into NUJS-Kolkata, in an exclusive interview with PrepLadder team, has shared some important and helpful insights. Learn from his strategy as he guides you about how you can easily clear CLAT in 2017.


Hello Rohit. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am basically from Gwalior (MP). "Lawyers are leaders" having this statement in mind, I started preparing for CLAT from Class 11th. I passed out from 12 this year only. There is no such law background in my family. I wanted to opt for a career having connectivity between society and government and after getting information about CLAT I realised this is my cup of tea. My main interest was reading Newspaper and studying GK which helped me a lot in getting through GK section of CLAT. I used to play Chess in my free time.

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When did you start preparing for Law Entrance? Was it your only focus in +2?

As I mentioned above I started preparing for CLAT in class 11th because my main plan was to complete Logic, Maths and Static GK in class 11th and to focus on boards in 12th. For students who are in 12th keeping in mind their academics I will suggest them to:

try cover all the subjects of CLAT till December or early January and come back after boards with new enthusiasm.”

I did the same thing but even between January and March (Boards Time) I used to study GK part and also attempted mocks to ensure that my link didn't broke up.


What was your study plan and schedule? Please share with us.

My study plan was to give maximum time to GK as this is the portion where you are 100% sure about your answers. It is not all about how hardworking you are, but also about your smartness to identify which portion is relevant or irrelevant.

  • And my main barrier in CLAT was English which I covered reading Newspaper daily and attempting English sectional tests provided by coaching.
  • For legal you need not to grab everything, you just have to know information about the principle stated. Don't try to attempt legal reasoning questions from too many sources.
  • Maths and Logic were always my favourite for a simple reason - Practice.

I attempted too many mocks and sectional tests keeping in mind the time factor and accuracy which helped me alot in clearing CLAT.


Which books do you swear by for preparation of CLAT?

For overall CLAT preparation I opted Tata McGraw Hill. And for maths and reasoning I used RS Aggarwal. For Legal reasoning I used AP Bharadwaj as it has a large no. of questions in both legal reasoning and legal GK.

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What mistakes did you make while preparing that you would want others to avoid?

We always prefer to give time to our weak zones leaving stronger behind so I will like to suggest you to:

“give equal time in your strong subject also because it is very necessary to keep in touch with your stronger one also; as they are the regions where you can score a lot.”


How important are online Mock Tests to clear CLAT in 2017?

Online Mock Tests are like key to clear CLAT because they tell us the graph where we can:

  1. check how much time we are giving to each subjects
  2. what is our accuracy
  3. on which particular region we are taking too much time.
  4. Your speed is another aspect which online mocks improve

I also attempted many online mocks which later helped me to complete my CLAT paper in just one and half hour and also in NLU D and getting NUJS.


Any message for CLAT aspirants?

Believe in yourself; don't lose your heart getting low marks in mocks because they ensure that you don't commit same mistakes in exam. Try to attempt mocks as much as you can. And prepare a chart for every subject in every mock to check whether your performance is improving or not.


Thank you Rohit for your inputs.

If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below. Good luck for your preparations!

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