GK has proven to be one of the most scoring sections of CLAT or any other Law Entrance exam. The questions in GK can only be attempted correctly by well prepared candidates and this is what differentiates the toppers from the rest says Prabhanjan Singh (CLAT 2015 AIR Rank 80) in his exclusive interview with PrepLadder.


If you are starting late and are clueless about what to prepare I GK for CLAT (UG) exam and from where, we are here to rescue you! Lets first see what was asked in the past 3 years so we know what is expected in CLAT . We will share preparation sources and tips after this.

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Analysis of GK Section in CLAT 2015:

This section of GK in CLAT 2015 was easy among all the other sections and average as well. There were 35 – 40 questions from current affairs and rest of the questions were from static GK. There were more number of questions from Politics and Government and less number of questions from sports. The aspirants who had regularly read current affairs from time to time and had kept a track of the current affairs would score high as compared to their counterparts who were not regular with GK preparations.


Analysis of GK section in CLAT 2014:

The GK section in CLAT 2014 was easier in comparison to GK section in CLAT 2013.There was a balanced mix of static general knowledge questions and current affairs with number of questions being more related to current affairs. Questions from History were 5 – 6 in number and they were tough to answer. The rest of the section constituted knowledge of personalities, Economy and International Organizations.


Analysis of GK section in CLAT 2013:

The GK section of 2013 was at par with GK section of 2012. Like every other year, this year also the number of questions were more related to Current affairs.

The number of questions from General Science was less as compared to previous years. There were a couple of questions from history that were a little tough. The rest of the section consisted of testing knowledge of personalities, world days and International Organizations. Legal General Knowledge covered the number of high courts in India and the 117th amendment. Some questions were directly repeated from previous year papers.

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How to prepare GK for CLAT 2017?

There is no one comprehensive source that will entail all the current affairs extensively. There is no single book that covers everything. You need to cover current affairs from June 2016 to April 2017 for CLAT 2017.

While there is no set formulae required to be memorized in G.K., we can guide you with what and how to prepare GK:

1. Go through Previous Year Papers

It is wise to first go through previous year papers, if you have not been studying GK over past few years and have lots to prepare. Prepare a list of important topics related to GK. Additionally, when going through previous year papers, you will get a fair idea about how questions are asked in the exam.

Prepare on similar lines after checking out the trend of questions in the past year papers. If questions on international organizations and some particular sports are asked, there is a probability that such questions might be repeated.

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2. Refer to Periodicals and Magazines

Many magazines are specifically available in the market for GK and Current affairs. To enhance your knowledge in G.K. you can go through Manorma, India Today, Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition Success Review. CLAT topper Aashna Jain says in her interview that the benefit of such magazines is that you get concise monthly news that is beneficial from exam point of view. Digging old new online or referring to old newspapers is next to impossible if you have little time to prepare GK for CLAT 2017.


3. Do Preparation of Strong areas First under GK

Under GK you need to select your strong areas first and prepare them quite thoroughly. Prioritize the preparation of GK as per your strengths. Business, Economics, Law, Politics, Sports or Technology might be the areas you are interested in. Prepare your favorite areas to the maximum level. This way you will definitely be able to boost your confidence and secure a good score.

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4. Take Online Mock tests to strengthen your preparation

To check your level of preparation and to strengthen your preparation you are advised to take mock tests. It is very important to take online mock tests besides reading and grasping from different sources. Take the ones based on the actual Exam pattern. Join a good CLAT 2017 test series which presents questions on the expected exam pattern in form of MCQ’s and in time bound environment.


5. Follow a Good news channel

The news channels are active 24x7 and the news channels broadcast International and National news. Watch news at least half an hour per day. Listen to business news and the headlines very carefully and note the important news affairs in a copy systematically.

Make efforts to listen to quality news channels and not just gossip and fun news. Go through the same just before the exam. For preparation of G.K. in a few months for CLAT, listen to or read news very carefully.


6. Prepare online for GK or register yourself for online quizzes

A great technique to prepare GK for CLAT in limited time is to participate in online quizzes and evaluate yourself towards the end. This will not only enhance your confidence because you are answering new questions daily, but also give you an idea as to where you stand.

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Some interesting hacks:

  • Endeavour to take part in forums that are discussing issues of national importance, Current Affairs.
  • Follow websites of all leading channels. They discuss the recent but relatively old news which cannot be prepared through news channels or newspapers.
  • You must have downloaded News Mobile Apps, for information on latest news. News Mobile Apps can be very helpful if you read their notifications that are published number of times a day. Read whatever news you find relevant to the exam or interesting in detail.


Do not go to extremes, while preparing G.K. Accept the fact that it is not possible to answer all the questions right. It is important to get most of the questions correct, for which one needs to predict what is expected to come and make preparations as per it.

If you are sure of the answer, answering GK questions takes almost no time. The saved time from this section could be diverted to other time consuming sections.

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