How to prepare?

Many CLAT applicants are utterly and thoroughly confused with their preparation for the examination because only two months are left for the examination. The questions that arise in their minds are, “What to study? How much time to devote to each section? Did I miss something?” These queries have made the candidates restless.

Even if you are an average student who has almost no preparation, put all your restlessness to rest because here we are with a 100% guaranteed success if you follow the 2 month plan that we have shared in this article.

If you aspire to pass out of a reputed National Law University, then go through this article and implement it to see your dream come true. You heard us right... Average students can get to an NLU with last minute rigorous preparation.

Down below is given the 2 month plan for average students, prepared by average students studying at NLUs for preparation of CLAT (UG).


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Month 1, first half “Learn”

Devote the first 15 -20 days for covering the syllabus. With only two months in hand candidates must double their efforts. They should study to cover more topics and dedicate more time.

First thing is to find out exactly what type of questions are expected in CLAT 2016. Then begin with any topic you like, preferably easy topic from which a lot of questions are expected. This will help to strengthen your morale. Smart work is very important when you have little time at hand.

Devote time to at least 3 sections every day. Do the time allotment according to your potential and efficiency of understanding. But give at least 2 hours to each section. In first 3 days an aspirant must cover at least 30 % of the syllabus along with revision at the end of the day to retain more in the grey cells of the skull. Sound impossible? Well it’s not! Most of the syllabus has been covered till class 10 and is not tough at all. CLAT is more of a test of time management than knowledge.

Cover nearly 80% of the syllabus within 10 days and remaining difficult topics must be covered in the remaining 5 days or less. Aspirants while preparing must focus only on the topics that are frequently asked in the examination.

Keep this time only for covering the syllabus. If you cover your syllabus before then you can move on to the next level.  

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Month 1, second half “Revise”

The second level or the second half of the 1st month is for revision. Revise the entire syllabus through both the online and offline method. Revision will be completed within 2 weeks for any average students with a normal IQ and can take around 3 weeks for weak students who are starting from scratch. But don’t hustle to complete the revision. Pay full attention and study religiously. While revising, solve previous year papers so that you get comfortable with the expected exam difficulty level.

Keep yourself updated with the pattern and other sorts of notifications. Give sufficient time to General Knowledge and Legal Knowledge questions daily. They can’t be crammed in a single day! Surf the internet to gather more information about the examination.

This is the best time to start taking daily sectional tests to discover your weaknesses and save the full length tests for the end. The moment you are certain about completing the revision and thorough with the syllabus, move on to the final step.

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Month 2 “Practice”

Final step is practice. Practice as much as you can. Usually candidates wind up with revision within 4 weeks of 1st month. They must start their practice from that day onwards and take mock tests and join a trusted CLAT online test series. Try to take tests online as the examination is online and it will prepare and comfort you for the examination. The more you practice the more speed you will build for solving the questions. And this is the time when you will discover the best strategy for attempting the exam. The strategy that includes

  • The section to be attempted first, second and so on.
  • Type of questions to be attempted first within the section.
  • Time to be devoted on particular question and on each section.
  • The type of questions to skip and keep them for review in the remaining time and so on.

Now you must be thinking why discover on your own when there are best ways of attempting the examination already published on the internet by toppers and various experts?

The simple answer for this question is everybody is different. So discover yourself.

Best wishes!!

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