Clearing CLAT seems very difficult for many. Some have even sat for the examination multiple times but still were unable to get past the examination. Where did they lack? What were the mistakes they committed during the exam that you must avoid at all costs?

Here are the most common mistakes made by the candidates appearing for the CLAT exam, the mistakes which can be rectified with a little precaution. The most common mistakes committed by the candidates are stated as under:


1. Panic Before or During exam

Panic is something, if it overpowers it is definitely going to hold you back and not let you answer even those questions that you were well versed with. Never allow panic run down your spine. Be confident and positive at all times. This will help you answer everything that you know.

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2. Attempting questions in the order in which they appear

This is the worst mistake to start the exam with! It has been observed that the beginning questions are purposely set difficult to test your patience. If you lose a lot of time in the beginning of the exam trying to answer the most difficult questions, it is not only going to affect your time management but will also shake your confidence. 

Here is what you must do:

Scan the question paper first. Attempt the easiest questions first and "Mark for Review" the doable questions for the 2nd round. Easy and difficult questions will fetch you the same marks. Act smart!


3. Misinterpreting a Question

Out of panic and hustle, candidates misinterpret the question and mark the answer accordingly, which sometimes turn out to be disastrous. Be very attentive and understand the question properly before answering. You will otherwise be wasting time and losing marks to negative marking.


4. Mindless Guesses

Many candidates lose precious marks to negative marking in the CLAT exam. In order to improve their attempt and score more than expected CLAT 2017 cut-off, candidates make random guesses. Wrong answers don't just cost a penalty of 1/4th of the marks but also loss of precious time. Instead what they can do is "reverse engineering" or 'jugaad":

Try to see which option satisfies all the conditions given in the question and mark answer option accordingly.

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5. Preparing with paper pencil for an online exam

No matter how many offline tests you take, it can never equate taking a single online test. Online tests tire you, break your concentration and bring down answering speed. To avoid this in actual CLAT 2017, one must take 3-4 online tests for CLAT. This will help work out a strategy to solve each section. Taking tests online also helps reduce exam anxiety, one gets more familiar with the exam software and gives exam like environment at home.


6. Spending too much time to answer a single question

You must be careful of negative marking when you are answering questions but that does not mean you go extra slow. Set a time/section and time/question limit and try not to exceed it. This limit should be lower for GK and English section and slightly higher for logical, maths and Legal section.

Don't get stuck with a question that has already consumed too much time. Move ahead. There are many other sections which demand fresh attention.


Get ready to avoid such mistakes that usually affect the chance of your exam success.

Best Wishes!!

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