If you join regular coaching or a crash course for CLAT, you will surely come across ‘over-prepared’ CLAT droppers. These droppers intimidate you with their preparation level and you at times feel out of the race already. They are the quickest to solve questions asked in class and have already mugged up a lot of legal knowledge questions.

Here are some simple ways to help you move 2 steps ahead of those who take a drop for CLAT:


Don’t get fooled by their ‘extra knowledge’:

For this, you must first go through last 3-5 year papers to know exactly what is expected in CLAT 2016. Once you have proper knowledge about exam pattern, syllabus, types of questions asked, you will realize that those who take a drop for CLAT are actually spending their spare time, memorizing what is not even expected of you in the exam.

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Work on your exam taking strategy:

CLAT Topper, Akshi Rastogi, AIR 6 correctly says:

“As long as you are performing in mocks and are confident with the way you are preparing, it is all good. Developing your own strategy is essential”

Your score in CLAT Exam depends more on practice than knowledge. Focus on time management every time you attempt questions from a book or in any mock. Keep refining your strategy as per the result. With every mock, try to figure out in which order you will attempt the sections, time spent per section and per question. This is your race with time.


Don’t bother about their number of study hours:

Those who take a year drop for CLAT preparation, intimidate you by telling the number of hours they are studying or how many books someone is referring to. This is an aptitude paper and not a descriptive one, and everyone is different so the amount of required hardwork is person specific.

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CLAT does not have a set patten:

There is no well defined syllabus of CLAT as questions can be framed from anywhere. If you have broadly prepared all topics that were asked in last 3-5 years of CLAT, then you are good to go. Afterall, there is no limit to preparing for the unexpected. And for some things, there is no limit to preparation, for example in English around 5- 10 marks are constituted by vocab but this does not mean that you have to mug up the entire dictionary. You answer what you know that’s it. Though you can enhance your level of vocab and other topics but this can be done before the first attempt in CLAT.


Better manage your stress levels:

Those taking a drop for CLAT are under constant pressure of raised expectations from family. For them, after taking a drop for CLAT, and still just managing to get into a tier-2 college is unimaginable. Due to this, majority of droppers mess up their actual CLAT exam. You however can attempt the exam with a free mind and score better on D day even if they score better than you in mocks.

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Do what they are not doing:

CLAT droppers usually score well in mocks and thus become complacent. This is where you can beat them. Every time you take a mock, go home and attempt all the unattempted or wrong questions again. Then read the solutions. This will help you better analyze your weakness. Do read solutions of those questions that you solved correctly. Maybe you will find a quicker way of solving it!


Take the smart-cut to improving GK:

We have already mentioned some amazing tips for quick and efficient GK preparation for CLAT. If you have missed them, read them here:

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Last word of advice

Give your best shot in the CLAT examination in your first attempt right after the 12th exams. Prepare well for the exam take assistance of the person with adequate knowledge about CLAT. Follow smart work than hard work and to crack the exam.

Best Wishes!!

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