CLAT is one of the most important and well known entrance examinations for those aspiring to make a career in law. It is a national level examination to provide admission to UG. You must be 12th pass in order to appear for the CLAT-UG exam. Many CLAT applicants are utterly & thoroughly confused with their preparation for CLAT 2017. In order to assist the candidates in their preparation, we are here with the some useful tips. If you aspire to get admission in a reputed NLU, then go through this article and implement it to see your dream come true.


1. Make proper study schedule

It is the very important to prepare a study schedule/ timetable when you begin your preparation. It should be prepared in such a way that each and every topic is covered as per the expected CLAT 2017 exam pattern. Divide your study schedule both on daily and monthly basis. Make sure you revise whatever you have studied at the end of the month.

You can prepare your own timetable according to your weakness and strengths or additionally, you can follow the study schedule prepared by PrepLadder’s Experts.

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2. Grab command over English

English is one of the scoring section in CLAT exam. Begin with the basics. It is very important to clear basics as it will help you in questions like sentence improvement, spotting errors, antonyms-synonyms etc.

Make it a habit of reading an English newspapers and your major focus should be on Editorial columns. If that is too boring, pick up a magazine daily and give it a good read. It will really help you fetch more marks in English. Find out exactly what needs to be prepared in English so that you don’t end up wasting time.


3. Get proper study notes and study material

Arrange proper study material & notes. Prepare notes for important topics. Notes should contain key points only, so that they can be used for quick revision. Also arrange books you want to use for the preparation of your exam.

For Current Affairs, you can follow one or two reliable sources. You can take the help of newspapers, internet, study-groups etc.


4. Deep study

Deep study is very essential to get entry into your dream NLU. Ths is especially true for Legal Aptitude section since the theoretical part is very new to all the aspirants and needs ample preparation. Take enough mocks before the actual exam to know where you need improvement and work on it.


5. Solve previous year papers

It is very important to go through the previous year papers. They will give you an idea about the exam pattern & type of questions expected in your upcoming exam. Practice these papers without looking at the solution and find your strong & weak areas. It is true that there is no fixed exam pattern of CLAT, yet some type of questions are repeated over and over again.

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6. Practice Online Mock tests

As you all know that CLAT exam is conducted in an online mode, it is very important to practice by giving Online mock tests before the real exam. Facing the exam scenario before the actual exam reduces anxieties & fears and by the time you appear in real exam, you are much more confident.

For practicing online mock tests, you can enrol in PrepLadder’s CLAT Mock test series. Thoroughly analyze mock tests given by you to improve your score in the next test.


7. Question Selection

Your score in CLAT exam depends on which questions you choose to answer and how much time you spend on them. All questions carry equal marks and there is no sectional cut-off in CLAT. So you are free to start with the section you are most comfortable with. Don’t spend too much time on a single question.


8. Don’t make wild guesses

There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong question answered by you. So, we advice you not to make wild guesses. If you can eliminate atleast 2 choices, then only think of guessing. Accuracy plays a key role in scoring high marks.


9. Time Management

Proper time management is very important for completing the paper. It is a very difficult task to attempt 200 questions in 120 minutes. When you attempt mock tests, keep a watch on time taken by you to solve different sections. You will gradually increase your speed by regularly attempting questions in a limited time frame.

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We hope the above mentioned tips will prove to be helpful for the upcoming CLAT 2017 exam. Work hard and success will be yours.

Someone has rightly said,

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

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