GK and Current Affairs is a very important section in CLAT exam. It comprises of 50 questions. This is the most scoring section but is highly unpredictable. Many candidates take this section lightly and have to suffer in the end. According to the recent trends, Current Affairs forms a major portion of General awareness section in CLAT exam.

In this article, we will acquaint you with the complete details regarding GK & Current Affairs section.

What all is covered in this article?

  • Important GK Topics for CLAT 2017
  • How to prepare GK notes
  • What to watch on Television for GK Preparation
  • How to make correct use of internet for preparing current affairs & GK
  • Should you be a part of online quizzes & discussions
  • What to read in the newspaper

Major Topics to be covered for CLAT 2017

  1. Indian constitution
  2. Indian Penal Code
  3. Judicial system
  4. Politics
  5. International organisation
  6. Physical geography
  7. Indian & World History
  8. Indian Economy
  9. Current Affairs
  10. Awards & Honours
  11. Static GK

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How to prepare notes for GK?

It is very important to prepare notes for GK but what is more important is to know how to prepare notes and what to prepare in notes. Here are some guidelines for preparing notes:

  1. Maintain your own register/ journal.
  2. Write short notes on important news, announcements, appointments etc.
  3. Use different colour pens for different kind of news.
  4. Only prepare relevant notes because it is not possible to memorize everything.
  5. A notebook in your own handwriting makes you feel confident and is easy to memorize.
  6. Whenever you open your notebook to jot down something new, make sure you revise all what you have written on the previous day.
  7. Make it a habit to revise complete notes on weekends.
  8. Don’t waste time cutting newspapers to attach with your notes. Everthing is available online.


What to watch on Television for preparing GK?

It is a necessity to watch news channels to know what is happening around the world. Pick up a good news channel and also look for a relevant show and watch it on regular basis without fail. Watch group discussions, parliament sessions, headlines, business news etc.

Here’s a list of interesting shows on news channels which can help you prepare for GK:-

  1. Newshour on Times Now
  2. DNA on Zee News
  3. Parliament session on Doordarshan

These shows will help you in developing interest in General Awareness.

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How to use internet for preparing current affairs & GK?

You can follow 2-3 good websites on internet which provides daily current affairs updates , news, quizzes etc. But make sure you follow trusted websites only.

You can be a part of online current affairs groups on facebook , wattsapp etc. It will give you an insight into preparation strategies, important questions and discussion.


Should you be a part of online quizzes & discussions?

You will find ample no. of websites which provide online quizzes on GK & Current Affairs free of cost. You can even download monthly PDF’s and one-liners.

Give mock tests and evaluate your performance. It will help you in boosting your morale and confidence in this section.

You can also be a part of various discussions groups but choose your groups very wisely and you find any irrelevant discussion on such groups, don’t hesitate to quit the group.


How to make use of newspaper for preparing GK?

It is very important to follow a good newspaper for preparing GK. It not only helps you to know the latest news but also assists in improving your English skills.

  • Make it a habit of reading editorial columns on daily basis.
  • Follow 1 good newspapers. You can follow one newspaper in your mother tongue or in English.
  • Stay updated and know what’s happening around the world.

GK section is least time consuming & fetches maximum no. of marks. As you know, there is a  penalty of 1/4th marks on every wrong question answered, just make sure you attempt only those questions about which you are very sure. You can save time in this section and utilise it in other sections while answering your CLAT exam.

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