Due to difficulty level in the exam and tough competition, only a few are able to clear the examination to get a seat in top law colleges in India. The remaining candidates either opt another option or drop a year to prepare & again appear for the exam in the next year.

It is a big fact that a major percentage of candidates studying at top 5 law colleges of India are droppers.

We are sure by now you are done with the basic syllabus. So, now it’s time to enhance your skills which is only possible through revision and mocks. So, here are we with the full proof strategic plan which CLAT Droppers must adhere to:


Tips for CLAT Droppers

 Here are few strategic tip for the candidates reappearing for CLAT exam on May 14,2017:

1. Prioritize important tasks

There is no need to cover the entire syllabus from scratch as you have already been through the syllabus. You have an additional bonus over the first time candidates who have to simultaneously prepare for the boards as well as for the CLAT exam.  You must stick to the important topic left unprepared and the ones that are important from the examination point of view.

Thoroughly analyze CLAT 2016 paper, mark the topics you didn’t know and also the questions you couldn’t attempt due to shortage of time. Prepare the marked topics once again and work on time management.


2. Solving previous years’ papers is a MUST!

First timers might not have time to solve previous year’s papers as they are juggling between Board exams & CLAT preparation but you can’t make such an excuse. You are already done with your board exams a year back.

You must be thinking what is new in this tip, but the fact is 90% of you have still not attempted previous years papers.

It is very important to cover atleast 3-4 previous year papers to get a clear idea about the type of questions asked, topics covered & how the format  of the paper changes year after year. Only then you will be able to predict what is expected in 2017.

You must sincerely cover the topics which are repeatedly asked every year. This will guide you about the topics that need to be focused on.


3. GK- The Rank Booster

Most of the candidates who took a drop, took GK section in a very light manner in the last attempt. It is a sincere advice; please don’t make such a mistake again. It is the most scoring section in any Law Entrance Exam. This section’s major share includes current affairs which should be taken care of. Current Affairs must be prepared on regularly basis.

Here is a practical guide for the aspirants who think there GK is hopeless!


4. It is mandatory to have a Plan

The difference between a CLAT topper and an average performer is the pre-devised plan with they go to the exam hall. You already know that it is not just your knowledge that is being tested in CLAT exam. Pressure, anxiety, knowledge & time management all are to be tackled at one point of time.


5. Why online practice is a necessity??

Are you still practicing in the old way?? Come out of your books & start practicing online. The exam will be conducted in online mode. There is enormous difference between online & offline practice. Offline studying only plays 40-50% role in cracking the exam. Until & unless you practice online, you’ll face lot of difficulty in clearing the exam. It is next to impossible. Join trusted CLAT Online test series and prepare yourself for the examination.


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6. Deep analysis of Mock Papers

Just giving the mock tests is not enough. 2 hours of mock test requires atleast 1 hour of thorough analysis.

Start with sections you were slow and this will help you to develop a strategy on how to attempt the paper. Every time you give mock, start with different sections, try a little variation and then finally devise a minute-wise sectional break down of how you are going to attempt the paper.

See to it that you don’t do similar mistakes as made in the previous mock tests.


7. Build pace why?

Competitive exams are not only how much you know but also answering all the known questions in a given framework of time. You should be quick and alert from the beginning of the exam. Practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the more efficient you become. You will be get command over the topics and you will be able to solve them in the least possible time.

How exactly, can you boost your speed?

By taking mocks and seeing exactly where you are losing time and how it can be improved.

Lastly, learn to ignore useless neighbors and friends who doubt your potential, just because you dared to drop a year to get better rank in CLAT. Stick to your decision to do something different, by dropping for law.


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