The Common Law Entrance Test CLAT 2017 was conducted by Chankya Law University, Patna on 14 May’17 at 63 centre’s across India. The exam was held in an online mode attended by more than 45000 candidates. The paper was largely on expected lines. The pattern of the paper was quite similar to the previous year. Overall the level of the exam was EASY-MODERATE.

Here are we with the detailed analysis of CLAT 2017 along with the memory based questions & answers.


CLAT 2017 Exam Analysis

Logical Reasoning

  • The entire section was dominated by Analytical Reasoning. There were questions on Directions, Blood relations, Series, Syllogism, arrangements etc.
  • There were 12 questions based on  analogy, vocabulary, odd one out and syllogisms.
  • There were only 1-2 questions based on Statement Argument, Statement Assumption.


Memory Based Questions asked in Logical Reasoning section in CLAT'17

1.Find the missing number

AX,DU,GR, ___, ML

Answer : JO

2.How many times from 4pm to 10pm, the hands of a clock make a right angle?


3.Wave : Crest :: _____: Peak

Answet – Mountain

4.Crumb : Bread ::  ____ :  _____

Answer- Splinter : Wood

5.Birthday of Y is 6 days before X. X was born on 4th october 1999 and 15 August 1999 was Sunday. On which day was Y born?

Answer – Tuesday

6.Person who renounce religious or political belief or principles is called as ?

Answer- Apostate

7.Ramesh points towards a girl “ Her mother’s brothers is the only son of my mother’s father? How is the girl’s mother related to Ramesh?

Answer – Mother

8.______ is the hater of knowledge

Answer – Misologist

9.If MILLITARY is coded as 12324567, then TAIL is coded as:

Answer- 4523

10.If south-East becomes North and North- East becomes West, tehn west will bebecome_____.

Answer : South- East

11.If ABANDON is coded as aramoin BORE is coded as rits and BASIL is coded as rabut, which of the following is coded as bituo?

Answer- SOLID

12.In a colony, 60% are males. If the number of females are 800, find the number of males?

Answert- 1200

13.Mare: Horse :: ____:____

Anmswer – Sow: Bear

14.Find the odd one out

Cruise, Expedition, Crusade, Campaign

Answer- Cruise

15.A pointed towards B, “he is the son of wife of the only son of the grand-mother of my younger brother. How is B related  to A?

Answer- Brother


Elementary Mathematics


No. of questions





Time & work


Boat & Streams


Allegation & Mixture


Ratio & proportion




Profit & Loss


Speed, time & distance







Memory Based Questions asked in  Elementary Mathematics section in CLAT'17:

1. A boat goes upstream from a to B and comes back in 5 hours. Speed of the boat in still water is 8 Km/hr and speed of the current is 4 Km/hr. Find the distance fromn A to B.

Answer – 15

2.A trader sells rice at a profit of 20% and uses weight which are 10% less than the coveted weight. The tota gain earned by the trader is ?

Answer- 33.33%

3.2 men and 7 boys can do a job in 14 days whereas 3 men and 8 boys can do  it in 11 days. In how many days can 8 men and 6 boys can do thrice the work?

Answer- 21

4.Gold and copper are heavy tha water by 19 times and 9 times respectively.  Find the ratio in which they should be mixed to form a mixture 17 times heavier than water?

Answer- 4:1

5. A train X leaves station A at 3pm and reaches station B at 4:30pm while another train Y leaves station B at 32 pm and reaches station a at 4 pm. Find thye exact time when they cross exch other?

Ansswer- 3:36pm

6. A clock was set at 12’o clock . It loses 10 minutes per hour then what will be the angle between hour and minute hand of the clock after 1 hour

Answer- 85 degree

7. A vessel contains milk and water in the ratio 5:3. How much mixture must be siphoned off and replaced with water so that the new mixture is half water half milk.

Answer- 1/5


General Knowledge

  • GK section was dominated by Current affairs. Even the topics which were in news couple of days befer the exam were also included.
  • Questions on History were completely missing.
  • There were good number of questions on Personalities, Economy and International Organizations.


 Memory Based Questions asked in General Knowledge section in CLAT'17:

1.Name the first country to shut down FM network.

Answer- Norway

2.Recently elected President of France

Answer- Emmanuel Macron

3.Which country recently permitted Euthanasia of a child?

Answer- Belgium

4.3Which country’s president was awarded 2016 Nobel Peace Prize?

Answer- Colombia

5.India’s 3rd largest trading partner in 2016?


6.Which state has highest number of open jails?


7.Which airline operated thje longest non-stop all women flight?

Air India

8.Where is Hubble Telescope located?


9. Whi has won maxim u number of Badminton tiltles?

Answer- Saina Nehwal

10.US Shoe company involved in IPR dispute in China?

Answer- New Balance



English section was quite easy according to the students who appeared in the CLAT exam.


No. Of questions



Reading Comprehension (Difficult)


Modifiers & parallelisms




Sentence correction



Memory Based Questions asked in English section in CLAT'17:

Find the correct spellings

  • Remuneration
  • Gallows
  • Hypothecation
  • Interrogation
  • Accomodation


  • You have played a huge role, for without you I could have landed myself into a problem.
  • If they want to succed, they  will have to work hard.
  • Sunita decided to set aside some time for prayer.

Find the Error

  • The most difficult job is bed and then (lifting) the weight.
  • The officer asked that the report (be submitted) immediately.


Legal Aptitude

  • There were 15 questions based on Legal Maxims. Students generally ignore such questions as it used to figure only marginally in the previous years.
  • Legal Reasoning was dominated by  Contract law, Criminal Law, Constitutional  law and torts.
  • There were no questions from fringe subject areas such as Intellectual property , Family Law and Internationalo Law.


Memory Based Questions asked in Legal Aptitude section in CLAT'17:

Meaning of the phrases:

  • Malus animus – Bad intention
  • Pari delicto- In equal fault
  • Bona Vacantia – Ownerless goods
  • Pari Passu- at the same rate
  • Turpis arbiter – Corrupt judge
  • Lis pendens – pending legal action
  • Punctum temporis – point of tiime

CLAT 2017 Exam result will be declared on 29 May'17.

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