The SSC-CGL 2017 Exam is round the corner. The aspirants must be busy in giving the final touch to their preparations. The thing that stresses the candidates more than anything else is how to effectively manage the limited time of the examination.

Time management of SSC-CGL 2017 Exam has become essential due to the reduction in the time duration of the examination. SSC CGL 2017 has brought a major change in the time duration of the examination which has now been reduced from 75 minutes to 60 minutes.

In order to get filtered out from 30 lakhs SSC-CGL aspirants and reserve your seat in the final shortlisted candidates, you need to use your time in the most effective and appropriate way.

Through this blog, we will guide you with the time management tips & tricks which will help you to score additional 15 marks in SSC-CGL 2017 exam:


Effective Time-Saving Tips for SSC CGL Tier-I

Let’s have a glimpse of the time-saving tips for the coming SSC-CGL 2017 exam.....


1. Devise an Effective Exam Attempt Strategy

Owing to the scarcity of time in SSC CGL exam, candidates must devise an effective exam attempt strategy before appearing for the exam. Candidates should frame a strategy regarding the order of attempt or which section to attempt in the beginning and which at the end, how much time to be spent on each section and how much time on review.

You must go through the ideal order of attempt in SSC-CGL Tier-I 2017 designed by our experts.


2. Work on Accuracy and Speed

The overall performance in the exam is affected by the accuracy and the speed of attempt. You must strive to improve these two factors. For this, you must consistently attempt both full-length tests and speed tests. You must check your performance after each attempt and work on the weaker areas.


3. Try developing Shortcuts and Tricks

You must devise shortcuts and tricks to solve questions speedily. You can refer to the competition books and online sources for learning shortcuts. You must learn tables, squares, cubes, and reciprocals up to 30. This will immensely reduce your calculations in the Quant section. Similarly, you can use approximation technique for arriving at solutions quickly.

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4. Set higher priority for easier questions

You must always start off with the questions with which you are familiar and are assured of being correct. First, scan the section and attempt all the easier questions and then advance on to the difficult ones. This strategy is what differentiates high scorers from all others.

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5. Devote uneven time to each section

 If you are planning to devote equal time to each section then you are on the wrong track. Each section has a varying difficulty level. Hence, it would not be wise to devote equal time to them.

Sections like General Awareness and English Language are comparatively easier and can be attempted in lesser time compared to Quant and Reasoning.

The following diagram shows you the ideal time duration that must be spent on each section of SSC-CGL Tier-I:


6. Follow Reverse Engineering Principle

You can apply this principle in case it takes too much time to arrive at the solution in the usual way. This is an effective way for arriving at solutions speedily. You must review the options and try to fit them one by one in the context of the question. You can easily filter out 1 or 2 options and arrive at correct answer quickly.


7. Assign average time to each section

While practicing mocks for SSC-CGL Tier-I exam, find out what average time that should be allotted to each question according to your speed. You must stick to the time allotted per question. Skip the question if it is taking longer time than you have assigned for it.

As per the analysis of previous year, SSC-CGL papers 15%-20% of questions are expected to be difficult. So, it is advised to attempt such questions in the end.


8. Leave difficult questions unanswered in the beginning

Do not attempt difficult and lengthy questions in the beginning since they will consume your precious time and will affect your overall performance

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9. Ensure that you are left with 5-10 Minutes at the end

The exam attempt strategy should be such that 5-10 Minutes are remaining in the end for attempting the questions which you had skipped earlier.


10. Get comfortable with the Online Platform

Candidates who are not used to solving questions on the online platform should join a good SSC-CGL Online test series so that they can practice and get used to attempting tests on the online platform. It is often observed that the candidates who are not used to solving questions online waste a lot of time in the actual exam.


We hope the above mentioned will surely help you to score additional 15 marks in the upcoming SSC-CGL examination.

Someone has rightly said,

"The bad news is time flies,

The good news is you're the pilot"


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