One Word Substitutions is one of the most important topics covered in Staff Selection Commission Exams. You will surely find 3-5 questions on One Word Substitutions in the upcoming SSC-CGL exam.

PrepLadder’s Experts have compiled a list of 100 One Word Substitutions questions with answers asked in various shifts of SSC Exams held in 2016. We have listed a few of them in the table given below and rest can be downloaded in the PDF format from the link given at the end of this post.


One Word Substitution Questions asked in SSC-CGL 2016


One Word

A large body of people playing various musical instruments


Obsession with books


A brave, noble minded or chivalrous man


A rough, violent, troublesome person


The study of skin


The branch of philosophy concerned with the study of the principles of beauty, especially in art


Favouritism shown by a person in power to his relatives


A person who is working in the same institution


To give money to agents for sales


An exact copy



Download Free PDF on One Word Substitutions asked in SSC-CGL 2016


SSC often repeats questions years after year. So, you must go through these One Word Substitutions as you might find some of them in your upcoming exam.

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