Prospective IAS Applicants must have, by now, gone through piles of recommended books, daily newspapers and study material to be prepared for the questions asked in the Civil Services Prelims Examination.

With less than 100 days to go for UPSC Prelims, are you ready for the exam

Even after all the hard work, what is still lacking in your preparation strategy for CSE Prelims?


What you are missing is the knowledge of where you stand.

Lack of Knowledge of:

  • Your performance compared to CSE Applicants from all over India
  • Your strong and weak areas
  • Loopholes in your current preparation
  • Your performance under time pressure

So what is the solution?

PrepLadder had earlier shared some important ‘Last 2 month preparation strategies’ with you and we are here with the answer to so some more queries.

With less than 100 days left for UPSC Prelims 2015, how can you be certain that you WILL MAKE IT?! This is only possible if you test your preparation and performance from time to time. You can do this by:

Strategy 1: Taking the tests present in your study material.

Strategy 2: Taking the paper pencil test of your institutes or coaching classes.

Strategy 3: Actually competing with applicants from all over India.

All the above mentioned 3 strategies are equally important when it comes to clearing Civil Services Prelims, but we would like to discuss how you can achieve the 3rd.  This can only happen if you compete with other exam candidates in a virtual environment: Online Test.

How can an Online Test prove to be more effective?

Advantages of Online Test Series as and when compared to sitting at home revision or coaching classes test series are:

  • Competition Scenario

The competitive atmosphere that you are exposed to through these online test series gives you the confidence needed to appear for the CSE Examination. You sit in between huge number of potential applicants from all over the country. This gives you an edge over the coaching classes preparation that is confined to the applicants appearing in your institute only.

  • All India Rank

You come to know your All India Rank from amongst the candidates preparing for the same exam and taking the same test.

  • Ascertain your weak areas

You can come to know about your weak areas by the assessment that’s provided at the end of the test. When taking a paper pencil test, you have to do all the required analysis yourself, which you rarely do. All you see is your final score. Once you have a detailed sectional analysis, you can work upon the weak areas where you have failed to clear the cut - offs or attain a decent score.

  • Detailed analysis of your performance

An Online test gives you a Comprehensive interpretation of your performance after you attempt the test series. Herein, you can compare your performance to the average student appearing and the topper of the test series.

You can come to know your level of accuracy and speed when answering the test.

A good online test will also give you meaningful suggestions eg. on what subjects you need to work upon, how can you improve your accuracy, etc.

  • Time frame

Solving the test is not a big deal but solving it under time pressure is important in the examination. An online test gets submitted automatically when your time is up. At the end of the test you can come to know the actual time spent on each question in this online test.


PrepLadder has now made its exclusive UPSC Civil Services Prelims Online Test Series available to CSE aspirants all over India at very affordable prices. It has all the features stated above and many more. Unlike any test series you have already joined, this one helps you compete with over 7000 candidates.  We have released our FREE UPSC Full Mock Test which gives you a preview of this complete series. Click Here to take the test.


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