From 2011 - 2014, Reading Comprehension has gained the maximum weightage in the CSAT examination. So focusing on Reading Comprehension Section while preparing, will help you to easily sail through the examination and score 33% marks required to qualify CSAT.

The candidate needs to get into the habit of reading through, understanding and analyzing the paragraph and deriving a meaning out of the entire paragraph.

Here are a Few Tips to score well in The English Reading Comprehension Section.

1. Read all the questions first:

This would help you to get a better idea of where the answers are present and you can mark the lines in the passage where the answers lie while reading the passage.

2. When a section in the paragraph is tough to understand?

Ideally Re- Read the passage and then you can prepare a crux/main idea of the section in the paragraph, in your own language, just across the line where you face difficulty and can come back to this line while searching for an answer.

3. Practice Mock Test Papers:

Go through mock test series available in books and most importantly online. You would get an idea of the examination pattern and the questions present in the exam.Lot of Practice of such questions would help the students to master this section.

4. Use a pen while reading the comprehension:

Mark the important lines/phrases in the passage with a pen/pencil. This will help you easily wade through the data while reading the passage again.

5. Don’t leave questions to be answered later:

It creates a pressure on the mind that something is left and you have to once again read to attempt the answer. Verify each option instantly after finishing the question.

6. Negative marking for each question:

If you cannot decide an answer then do not tick it keeping the negative marking for each question in mind.

7. Time Management:

Reading comprehension not only tests your analytical skills and knowledge but also tests your time management skills. Divide the specified time of the examination; allot certain time to each section based upon what you are expert and not so expert in. And try practicing many reading comprehensions with the help of a timer. This would help in managing your time for sure.

8. Practice Reading comprehensions from different areas:

You can see from last year paper’s that reading comprehensions are taken from varied fields like science, Arts, Economics, Politics. So reading across varied areas would be of great help.

9. Solve previous years Question papers:

Doing so will get you acquainted with the actual format of the paper and this way you will be able to practice a lot as well.

Besides, hard work, focus, luck, practice is the foremost ingredient in succeeding in Civil Services Examination. Taking an Online Test Series is an important aspect of Preparation.PrepLadder keeps on sharing on what and how to prepare.

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Get your Predicted All India Rank
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