In Civil Services Prelims Exam, CSAT has become the qualifying exam with 33% as the passing marks. And you will be evaluated on General Studies (GS- Paper I) only if you have scored 33% in the CSAT examination. Your main focus should be on clearing the GS Examination.

CSE Prelims 2015

But how can you focus on all 6 subjects? Being equally prepared for Geography, Polity, Environmental Science, Science & Technology, Economy and History is next to impossible for any UPSC CSE candidate.

 Trend of the previous year UPSC Prelims exam:

Every year two subjects are considered main and if we go by the trends, we can say that:

  • In year 2011, Environment, Science and Technology had maximum weight age.
  • In year 2012, Environment and History had maximum questions out of all the sections.
  • In year 2013, Environment and Indian Polity gained maximum weightage.
  • Whereas in year 2014, Environment and Geography were the most important subjects.


Our Prediction for 2015 General Studies (Paper - I):

Our Potential Guess for this year is that Indian Polity will carry maximum weightage in UPSC CSE Prelims 2015.

Basis of our prediction:

A lot has happened in the political scenario of India last year and we are assured that giving extra attention to Indian Polity will fetch you the maximum number of marks this year.

We can say this by looking at the trends of past few years as well. Polity and Governance has been a very important section of GS since the past few years.

Disclaimer: This is an intelligent guess made by PrepLadder’s team of career councillors and exam guides.

Your Preparation Strategy for Polity:

Indian Polity is considered a very important subject by IAS aspirants and if prepared well can fetch you the highest number of marks. Strengthen your preparation on Indian Polity, read as much as possible news on Current affairs and static GK in relation to Indian Politics. Go through as many GK Periodicals/Magazines as possible.

Some of the Must Read Books for Indian Polity – CSE Prelims Examination are:

  1. Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination – By M. Laxmikanth
  2. Introduction to the Constitution of India – By Durga Das Basu

Some of the other recommended books are:

  1. Our Parliament – By Subhash Kashyap
  2. UPSC  IAS PRE – Indian Polity for Civil Services Preliminary Examination

We strongly recommend you to read lots of General Knowledge topics and information and go through books, journals on Indian Polity as this is the area that will gain maximum weight this year age as per our guesswork and analysis.

Once you have thoroughly studied your books, institute notes and study material try PrepLadder’s Free mock test series 2015 for UPSC Prelims examination.

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