Time management is a challenge when it comes to qualifying IBPS PO. A well – thought strategy plays an important role in clearing the exam. Some of the time management tricks to score those additional 15 marks in IBPS PO are as follows:

1. Scan the exam

Always attempt the easier questions first and time-consuming or difficult questions later. Scan the entire paper and find out the easier questions and attempt them first. In case you have a normal speed of solving questions, then try to attempt maximum 65-75% questions from a section and then you should quickly move on to the next section.

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2. Devote Unequal time to each of the sections

Instead of devoting 20 -20-20 minutes in IBPS-PO Prelims to each of the sections in prelims it is advisable to devote more time to the section in which you are strongest in. Do as many questions as you can from the sections you are strong at. Attempt lesser number of questions from the area you are weaker at but just enough to clear the sectional cut-off.

For IBPS-PO Mains there is a fixed time for every section but you can still choose in advance the topics you are good atand the type of the questions you are going to attempt in the exam.

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3. Attempt Reading Comprehension first

Always attempt reading comprehension in the English section first with a fresh mind. Solving reading comprehension accurately secures 10 marks at a stretch and this is enough to clear sectional cut-off.

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4. Assign average time to each question

Allocate average time to each question and stick to the time allotted per question. Skip the question if it is taking time longer than you have assigned for it and attempt it later at last. As per the analysis of previous year IBPS-PO papers- 15 % of the questions are going to be difficult in the paper so it is advised that you attempt such questions in the last, i.e., after attempting all the sections.

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5. Solve grouped questions rather than Individual questions first

Get into the habit of solving grouped questions first. Seating Arrangement, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Para jumbles (Also read: how to crack para jumbles) fall in the category of block questions.

Block questions have 5 – 6 questions at a stretch and you will be able to solve and score those 5-6 marks in one go. Keep in mind the negative marking per question.


6. Get Comfortable with the online software platform

Candidates who are not used to solving questions on the online platform should join a good IBPS-PO online test series so that they can practice and get used to attempting tests on the online platform. It is seen that aspirants who are not used to solving questions online often waste a lot of time in the actual exam.

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