During preparations for IBPS PO 2015, joining a good online test series can prove beneficial in fetching good results. Just giving the test or joining a test series is not enough. It is important to work on extracting the maximum from an online test series. Here are some points on how to extract best from Online Test Series:


Spend enough time on analysis of the test

If you take 1 hour to take the test, then spend at least 2-3 hours on analysis of the test. You can analyze the same day or the next day. This way you will come to know your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly you can put in efforts to work on your weak areas.

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Analyze your correct answers too

Don’t just look at your incorrect answers or un- attempted answers while analyzing. Do detailed analysis of your correct answers as well as there might be some short cut to solve them. This will help you in increasing your overall speed.

In every exam approximately 15-20% questions are difficult or time consuming and can be avoided. If you have been wasting most of your time attempting these questions, maybe you are not scanning the question paper well. Such things can only be discovered if you analyze well.

Increase Accuracy

Check the number of wrong answers from the questions that you have attempted. Keep in mind that there is negative marking for every wrong answer. Spend some time pondering over the questions answered incorrectly even when you spent enough time on them.

Number and nature of questions

A good online test series will be prepared on the latest IBPS-PO exam pattern. After attempting a few tests, you will get a fair idea that from which topics maximum number of questions are asked. And you should also explore the nature or the kind of questions.

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Sectional Analysis

You may think that your quants section is strong but you may get more marks in reasoning than in quants. Analyze each section carefully to check your strengths. This way you would come to know which section should be attempted first and which is to be attempted later.

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Time Management

Student should see that how much time is he spending on which all sections and in which section is he wasting his time. Student should use every minute prudently with the help of a pre–planned strategy.

Formulate a strategy

Formulate or prepare a strategy on the basis of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • See how much time will you spend on each section in the final examination
  • In every section, what will be your target of number of questions to be attempted
  • Also see which topics will you be avoiding in the final examination

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Number of tests is not important

Do not focus on attempting too many tests. No matter how many test series your friends join, don’t listen to them. Rather focus on preparing dedicatedly from the one IBPS-PO test series you join. Take your tests seriously and spend time analyzing the tests you have taken.

Try understanding the Online Platform

Try to get comfortable with the online testing platform. Get into the habit of solving questions online. Attempting a test online is very different from taking a paper pencil test. Initially your speed will go down. The more you practice online the better acquainted you will become with the online system and therefore better are your chances of success.

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