An interview is something that sends jitters to all of us especially if we are not prepared for it. It is better to practice and rehearse for it before it actually happens. In this post, we will discuss some of the commonly asked questions in the Banking sector and specifically in IBPS-PO interviews.


IBPS/SBI-PO Interview Questions with Definite Answers:

There is a usually a panel sitting right across when it comes to the interview of some competitive examination.The first question you are faced with in any interview is:


1. Introduce yourself / tell us something about yourself?

Start and finish the answer in 2-3 minutes maximum.

Start with Your name

Place where you belong to: Usually, a counter question is put forward here regarding the place you belong to so you should know details relating to your state like the governor of your state, or names of ministers or places of importance in your state. Know and study your state fully.

Give a brief introduction about your family mainly your parents – what they do? Do not go overboard here by sharing the details of your siblings until asked.

Then tell about your Educational qualifications, i.e., from school onwards to your latest qualification.

If you have any work experience, you can share the details of where all and at what positions have you have worked. If you have any gap, be prepared to get questions based on the gap. Be prepared to justify your gap period fully.

Don’t talk about your hobbies too much until it is relevant to the banking sector.

This is the most basic yet most important question of the interview. If you start well by knowing what you have to convey, you will attain confidence and also be able to set the course of the remaining interview. So go well prepared for the answer.


2. What if you get a better opportunity with some private bank or with some other organization? Would you leave our job?

Answer the question smartly by saying that I am looking for a stable career where I get to learn. I would not leave my present job in lieu of small monetary benefits as I am looking for job stability. If I get good career growth prospects in terms of job profile here, I would certainly not leave.

Give interviewers a concrete reason as to why would you like to stick to the job.

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3. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Think about the answer realistically and see as to where you can reach after 5 years f you start at PO level in Banking Industry. You can mention a clear career path/career hierarchy you would cross in these 5 years. One can reach from Management Trainee level to the General Manager level in 5 years through internal promotions of a growing bank.

Mention that you would like to stay in the banking industry. And say that you are open to options if the interview does not work out. You would keep looking for avenues to get into Banking Industry.

Don’t say answers like I would like to see myself in your place five years down the line. The interviewer will not be impressed with such a stereotypical answer.


4. Why do you want to enter into banking sector?

The panel might indulge in a discussion with questions on why’s and how’s and judge you on your communication skills.

You can prepare the answer in points and say that –

Banking is among the growing sectors and it offers good growth prospects in terms of learning, personal development, salary package and internal promotion.

You can talk about the job security part in the Public sector Banks.

Then we can say that Banking jobs are reputed and give us recognition in society.

Do not blindly say that I did not try for any other job or there is a lot of stress and private organizations are target oriented. You might be counter questioned here.

You can also say that Banks jobs have created large no. of vacancies and the young aspirants can reach to high-level posts in a reasonable span of time if he is ready to put in hard work, which is missing in other areas/fields.

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5. Why have you chosen a Banking Career after B. tech or after MBA?

You can say that B. tech developed both: your technical skills and basic aptitude. It sharpened your mind and you can use these technicalities in a bank and exhibit better output and productivity.

B. tech has developed some leadership skills in you as you participated in events and extracurricular activities during college and this would help you in leading a team or staff later in your career.

You can add that you have good command on English language or have good communication skills and so you can deal with different types of customers and provide good customer service.

The interviewer sometimes asks random questions. Sometimes questions are asked in a flow. The next question is asked on the basis of your previous answer. So answer sincerely, realistically and frame correct sentences to exhibit good Communication skills.


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