Logical Reasoning might seem simple to students from Engineering and Commerce background but is quite challenging at times from students who are out of touch after taking up streams like Arts and Medical after school. Students from diverse graduation backgrounds appear in IBPS-PO exam.

Here is an interview with Mr. Deepak Dureja, an experienced Quant and Reasoning faculty, guiding team PrepLadder, who will answer all questions related to preparation on Logical Reasoning:

Hello Sir, please tell us something about yourself.

By qualification I am a Civil Engineer, M.B.A and P.G.D.C.A. I have 15+ years of experience in teaching CAT aspirants. I have worked with all leading CAT coaching brands of the country be it TIME, PT or Bulls Eye. I have worked as Senior Faculty for Quant, DI and Logical Reasoning.

Currently I am coaching Bank-PO and CAT aspirants at Competitive Brainz, Chandigarh.

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Would you recommend Bank PO candidates to attempt Logical reasoning section in the starting?

Yes, you can attempt Logical Reasoning section first IF it is your strong area. But that is not the case with every Bank-PO candidate. Attempt maximum questions from the section that you are best at. This would go a long way in boosting your confidence and would help you in attempting the questions from other sections with ease. Then go for the section you are average in and lastly attempt your weakest area.

A quant teacher might tell you to attempt quant first, an English teacher might tell you to attempt English first. Don’t listen to such advice!


Which topics should be prepared for Logical reasoning from the point of view of Examination? Also tell us about the weightage the topics carry in the exam.

Not much time is left for IBPS-PO so its better that you start preparing most important topics first! You should prepare for the following topics:

  • Series
  • Inequalities (Coded)
  • Seating Arrangements – Circular and Linear
  • Logical Puzzles
  • Coding Decoding
  • Syllogisms
  • Ranking – upto 2 to 3 parameters
  • Data Sufficiency

Here is the weight age of topics in the Prelims exam

  • Arrangements – 35 - 40%
  • Logical Puzzles- 15-20%
  • Syllogisms – 10-15 %
  • Inequalities - 10-15%
  • Data Sufficiency – 10 %
  • Series, Coding-Decoding – 10%

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What books can Bank-PO aspirants refer to for Logical Reasoning for the examination?

Your choice of book will depend on what you wish to gain from it. If you wish to cover the basic concepts of Logical Reasoning with loads of solved examples then RS Agrawal and BS Sijwali are good. For more advanced learning you can opt for MK Pandey.


Please share a suitable study plan for logical reasoning with your readers.

There is as such no specific study plan that applies to all. How you divide your available time varies from student to student and as per their strong and weak areas. For logical reasoning, study the topics I shared in the order in which I mentioned them. Study plan can differ from student to student.

Make enough time for IBPS-PO mock tests while preparing. Don’t divide all you time in just going through books. Solve at least 1 IBPS-PO mock test in a week. In the last week, solve 2 to 3.

Solve previous years question papers. Check which topics are left to prepare. See which all questions come in the exam. Analyze to see in what type of questions you face problems and make your study plan accordingly.

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What are the tricks to solve the Logical Reasoning Questions quickly?

There are no specific tricks or formulae like in quants section to solve Logical reasoning questions quickly. The more you practice the faster you will solve them. However always try to see the logic behind every question you practice. This way you will be able to attempt questions accurately in the exam. This especially applies to questions on Statement & Assumptions, Course of Action, Input Output, etc.

Syllogisms can be solved faster with the help of Venn diagrams while in Data Sufficiency questions don’t aim for the exact answer. Instead try and see if the data provided to solve the question is given or not.

If you have any further queries regarding quant or logical reasoning, you can share your questions in the comments section below. We will get back to you with answers from our team of experienced faculty.

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