I, Megha Kriplani, gave IBPS PO Exam last year (2014) and I am happy to reveal that I scored 125.25/200. I believe if I can, then most of you can as well score 120 (my dream score) or more than that. Beneath are a few tips I learnt by taking IBPS-PO test and I hope these will aid you in performing well.

Preparation – From the Books: The books for IBPS PO that helped me in scoring my dream score are R. S . Aggarwal for Quants section. Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey and R. S. Aggrawal for English section. These books helped me to weave through most of the concepts and gave me thorough clarity of what all I prepared. Study Computers, GK and marketing sections online and read Journals and newspapers daily. Although studying the core books is not enough; you need something in addition to score well. Yes, I am talking about online practice tests.

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Preparation – Practice and Practice Tests: I felt that the solved answers given in the books are easy but the unsolved questions and online practice tests are comparatively difficult. You need to take online practice tests additionally to build confidence.

The lessons I learnt and helpful tips for all others

Preparation is one part of IBPS PO. But to be successful in it we need to look at the test more objectively as our goal is to get an overall end score. Here one doesn’t have to be a perfect grammarian or a perfect critical thinker to achieve a high score. And I didn’t realize this 2 months before the exam. I was under the illusion that I have to be outstanding in all the sections of IBPS PO to actually be able to ace it. But once I realized the truth, my scores improved for better.

Build a process with 80% accuracy: IBPS-PO paper can be unpredictable. You need to follow a dedicated and standard approach to solve the test. In regulated, timed environment there is no time to invent different approaches to answer questions. You have to play with time very cautiously. You don’t need to solve all the questions. Attempt 80% questions correctly. For this you need to practice and master certain set of questions. This would help you a lot in securing your dream score. Remember you do not need to solve each and every question in IBPS PO.

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Focus on time saving tricks: Instead of solving, it is fine to focus on eliminating answer choices. This trick helped me in solving the questions quickly and more effectively.

Revise and Revise slowly: Time is a constraint while solving the questions in IBPS PO, nonetheless, you should invest time in revision while preparations. Suppose, if you have solved a set of problems, you should go back and spend some time on revising the concepts some time before the exam.

I had written Quants formulas on placards to revise them thoroughly. In Logical reasoning there is nothing to memorize specifically but stay in touch with all types of questions. Online tests are the best way to revise and for that I thank PrepLadder’s Bank-PO test series.

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Do Quants twice: Many students find quants to be the most difficult section. Aim at revising Quants section twice. This way you will be able to avoid making mistakes you were making earlier and this will better equip you with the subject.

Don’t worry about the most challenging problems: Most of us do not aim for 200/200 score and therefore we don’t need to solve every question correctly. As per experts, even 160 + scorers get 10 – 15 % questions wrong. Hence, assume that there will be 10 % of the problems that will go over your head. Just ignore such problems.

In the starting, I would spend a lot of time on solving every problem and gradually I realized that I was spending 50% of my time on those 10 % questions. I became much more efficient once I started ignoring the most challenging questions.

Follow the 80 -20 rule in mocks! Even in the mock tests you will find some questions too difficult and you would not know what the problem is testing you on. Don’t feel distressed over them. Half the battle in mock tests is to choose where to spend your time and one only needs to do 75 % correctly. Spot such kind of questions while taking your mock tests. I improved significantly once I stopped spending time on such kind of questions.

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Own Up your weaknesses – You know them: You will know about your strengths and weaknesses after having prepared for a few months. For example, I had decent accuracy for parajumble questions in English and syllogism in Reasoning when I practiced from books; but I knew my technique was all wrong. Thus when I solved parajumbles in mock tests, I wasted a lot of time and still didn’t get it correct.

And once I told myself that I need more confidence about such questions and worked on them, I improved in my performance in the mock tests.

Review your mistakes and prepare an error log: Always review your mistakes and prepare an error log/separate corner for listing your mistakes. Although it’s a time consuming activity but it’s worth the effort and time.

I hope you found the above tips helpful and if applied would help you in securing good marks in IBPS PO Exam. Wish you the best!

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