PrepLadder has been regularly sharing preparation and attempt strategies of students all Over India who have cleared IBPS-PO exam in the past 1 or 2 years. Now we are out with a new success story of Utkarsh. He tells you about his journey:


Hello Utkarsh. Tell us something about yourself.

I am Utkarsh Awasthi, a native of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh but brought up in Surat, Gujarat.

I am a computer engineering graduate, having a Post graduate diploma in banking and Finance and have worked for ICICI bank as Business Manager.

I am a music loving friendly person, who loves to eat Pizza a lot.
My father is a Textile engineer and my mother is a homemaker.

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What prompted you to take IBPS-PO exam?

While working in ICICI I somewhere felt lack of job security and the social respect which a PSB employee gets and it allured me. I appeared for IBPS for the first time in 2014 without any preparation and cleared the written examination which gave me some confidence.

Although I fell short by 2 marks to get a bank after interviews, but the confidence made me resign and prepare full time for IBPS 5.


How did you prepare for the exam?

I strategised my preparation sectionally.
I appeared for 2-3 mocks just to find my weak areas in each section which hampered my accuracy.

After having narrowed down to certain topics I studied those topics in depth. Regular mocks evaluated my performance whether I was improving or not.

Analysis is the most important part of your preparation. Once you appear for a mock, check your mistakes, attempt un-attempted questions.

Also, I made a habit to have a own algorithm of solving any question. This helped me solve questions faster.

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What was your target score for the exam and were you able to achieve it?

I did not set any target for myself in terms of score. I try to solve as many questions as possible without compromising accuracy.

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What changes have you made in your attempt strategy since the exam pattern has changed?

Since we have to appear for Pre examination which'll last only one hour, we need good speed. So I worked on my speed and pre-strategised which sections to attempt first and which at last.

Divide 20 questions per section. Once you are able to solve 20 questions in a section, move on to other section and repeat the procedure. If time persists, go back to the easiest section or the section in which you're really strong and solve maximum questions in the remaining time.

Just one thing, don't mark an answer which you aren't sure of. Accuracy is the key.

Study current affairs daily from various websites and make notes. It helps in recalling just before exams.


Any message for those preparing for those who are taking IBPS-PO test for the first time?

If you are not able to solve any question, don't take it on your ego. There are too many questions to attempt. Leave some questions which are difficult to solve and try to maximise your accuracy. A minimum of 90% accuracy is necessary even if you attempt less questions.

All the best and do well.

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