This article is in continuation to our earlier published article on interview questions. The previous article covered the most basic questions and here we will discuss some more commonly asked yet important interview questions related to Banking sector especially in SBI and IBPS PO interviews.

When questions are asked related to the state you belong to:

These days public sector banks are demanding aspirants to possess expertise in local language of the state. They not only test the local language skills but can ask questions pertaining to your state.

You can expect questions like number of districts in your state, a place of national importance, names of ministers or Governor, famous personalities of your state, any latest developments, etc.

Such questions are posed not just to test your knowledge but also to check the level of your communication skills.

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How to deal with questions related to current news/current affairs?

Interviewer can ask you today’s headline. It is advisable to glance through the newspaper of the date on which interview takes place. If you don’t have a newspaper, download a mobile app for news like Times of India, NDTV and keep yourself updated with the most recently published news.

Keep track of any major movement in the stock market, any fresh update or an event of national importance. 

This is also a good way to stay away from anxiety that builds up in the waiting room.

In addition you have got to be regular in reading newspapers. Questions from last 6 months current affairs can be asked.

While waiting, ask what types of questions were asked from the candidates who have just faced the interview before you. Don’t expect your interview to be exactly same but knowing this will mitigate the interview anxiety.

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Why do you want to leave you current job?

Firstly, never criticize your current organization in the interview.

Secondly, let the interviewer know that it’s your inner desire to work in the bank and you are curious to join the Banking industry.

Thirdly, you can add that you are immensely attracted by the financial and social security that a bank job offers.

Additionally, the high recent growth opportunities are pushing you to leave your present job and join the Banking Industry.

Why do you want to leave private job and join a public sector bank?

The first thing that will crop into your mind when you hear this question is: Job security. Won’t every second candidate say the same?

Instead you can add that there are many advantages of joining a public sector Bank. We all know that private sector companies are susceptible to closure while Public sector organizations/banks have the stability of Government backing.

There are lesser chances of favoritism and promotions are based on tenure and work.

In public sector, once you reach the higher levels you get opportunities of networking with important people and make important decisions. You also get administrative powers and can command respect from few officials. All in all Public sector job is considered to very respectable.

In corporate sector the work timings can leave you exhausted and can stretch beyond 9 hours but in public sector the timings are reasonable fixed.

The monthly pension after getting retired from a Public sector Bank is an additional benefit but it is not the case in the private sector. Public sector employees can enjoy benefits like pension plans, PF, etc. Apart from these, some other benefits such as loan, housing, medical, childcare etc can be utilized and availed.

Never let the interviewers know that you don’t like the stress or the pressure that a private job offers, even if that is the actual case.

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Why should we hire you as a Banker?

Think about a few good things about you that are related to Banking sector that can surely prove to be beneficial to them.

The interviewer wants to know your appropriateness for the job so in answer to the question you should mention your achievements and strengths. Mention your strengths so that they can know your suitability for the job. Avoid saying something which is not true in context of your strengths. Interviewers are experienced people and they within seconds come to know something that is not true. They immediately come to know if you are trying to outwit them.

Do not speak phrases like “I want to work in this field”.

Always provide genuine information about yourself. Support your every strength with a suitable example.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In response to this question the interviewer is trying to know how much you know about yourself.

Always mention the strengths relevant to and in relation with the Bank job. You shouldn’t say that “I love painting”. Say that “I have good communication skills” or “I love interacting with people” or “I am a team player and am good at analyzing problems and reaching at appropriate solutions in a team” or that “I am a multi- tasker”

Try to answer about your weaknesses in a genuine way. Don’t say that you don’t have any weakness as it might reflect that you are not aware of yourself. An example of weaknesses could be “I would really want to get better at managing time and increase my productivity. And I am working on it”. You can also say that “I am not very methodical and want to get better at it.” Mention about your weak area in relation to your professional life. And don’t say things like “I am short –tempered.” Or don’t say anything in relation to your emotional behavior as it is not relevant from the point of view of your professional life.

Do not mould your strength to sound like a weakness. Like “I am very punctual and I lost patience when others are not” or “I’m a perfectionist”. It’s a very old trick that doesn’t work anymore.

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