SBI PO can be a mixed bag full of surprises for the aspirants. Time Management between the sections could prove to be laborious during the exam if it’s not pre-planned and well executed.

In a competitive exam like SBI PO what is important is how you attempt the paper. Correct attempts need to be maximized by attempting all questions from your strong areas. You can really work towards achieving high scores if you attempt the paper likewise:


Few tips based on attempt strategy to excel in the exam are –

Step 1: Read the Questions in 1 go

Once the question paper is live on your computer screen, give a thorough glance to the questions. Be careful and patient while scanning the questions. It is important to scan the questions so that you get a feel of the level of examination and the mystery of it is unraveled in the beginning.

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Step 2: Strategize to attempt the paper in 3 rounds

Attempt the paper in 3 rounds. This means go through the questions sequentially.

First attempt:

  1. Questions which are not very lengthy
  2. Questions which do not confuse you in the first glance
  3. Questions which you are comfortable with or are from your area of interest
  4. Questions which can be attempted in a fraction of seconds.

Mark Difficult/Lengthy questions for attempt in round 2

Mark difficult or lengthy questions from area of your interest in Round one and attempt them in round two. You have the ‘Mark and next” button on your screen for this very purpose.

Get ready for round 3.

After solving familiar yet time consuming questions in round 2, move ahead.If time is left, then attempt the remaining questions in Round three. These questions are best to be attempted at last.

This technique must be practiced in minimum 2-3 online IBPS-PO Mocks to get comfortable with.

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Step 3: Prioritize among sections to be attempted

Before starting to attempt the paper divide the 1 hours’ time in various sections as per your strengths and weaknesses and determine priorities among the sections to be attempted and among the questions within them as well (as explained in step 2).


Step 4: Scan through all the options carefully

Read the options along with the questions as it helps in elimination of irrelevant answer options, amount of calculation and simple substitution.

Eg. a lot of maths questions can be answered without any calculations, if you just browse the options. Parajumbles can be answered quickly with the help of given options.

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Step 5: Don’t feel afraid to leave the difficult questions unanswered

You should believe in attempting the easiest questions first and do not be afraid to leave difficult questions unanswered or un-attempted. Ignore those who tell you that you must attempt minimum 90% of the exam. The cut-off is not going to be 80/100 but much lower.


Step 6: Revise calculations to ensure accuracy

To ensure accuracy in calculations, revise them thoroughly during the examination. Revise your answers to crosscheck any silly mistakes

Most importantly revise your answers after completing the test. A thorough revision of answers might save you from big blunders. To revise quickly, try substituting your answer’s value in the question and see if it verifies all conditions.

Negative marking can bring your overall sore really down. While practicing IBPS-PO Mocks, aim at minimum 80-85% accuracy.


Step 7: Apply short–cuts and techniques

Do not forget to apply the short cut techniques & tricks learnt during your preparations in the examination as this will ensure the paper is completed in desired and appropriate time.

Remember high scores can be attained with conceptual clarity and proper time management in the examination. Rest, schedule of daily practice is necessary to be maintained to attain perfection in the subjects. Practice adequate mock tests to excel in the exams. Mock tests would give you a grip in practice and would help you in fetching great results. 

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