According to the new Exam Pattern the test will be conducted online in the format of Prelims and Mains for the first time (Prelims: 100 marks, Mains: 200 marks). Since IBPS-PO prelims is just around the corner, we are here with some important do’s and don’ts that every candidate must follow:


 Do’s for IBPS-PO exam 2015:

1. Secure necessary ID proofs: You must take your IBPS-PO CWE V Call letter with Photo ID proof in original as well as a photocopy to the examinational hall. This is the most important instruction on your call letter. We hope you have gone through the rest as well.


2. Complete your form: Affix a recent photograph (passport size) to the call letter. This should be signed across and same as the one you uploaded while applying for the exam online.

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3. Carry your own weapons: Take your own stationery along with you to the examination hall. You will not be provided extra pens and pencils by any examiner.


4. Attempt Easier Questions first: Scan the entire paper to find out the easier questions or questions you know first. When you attempt the easy questions, mark the difficult ones for later attempt (use the “Mark and next” button for this). Now developing such a strategy is only possible when you have taken sufficient number of practice tests and have a full proof strategy.

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5. Go with a set strategy in mind: The IBPS-PO prelims exam is more of a time challenge than an intelligence test. Go with a fixed strategy in mind based on which you will attempt the exam. IBPS-PO toppers have always pre-planned how much time they will spend on every section and per question and what will be their minimum target attempt.

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6. Don’t solve difficult questions: IBPS-PO Prelims is not a test of your intelligence. As per the experts; 15% of questions are going to be difficult and that’s why it is recommended that you attempt such questions at last, which means after attempting all the easy question from all 3 sections. Your first target must be to secure sectional cut-off and then to improve overall attempt.

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7. Strive to solve grouped questions first: Scan the entire paper and try to solve grouped questions first than the individual questions such as Para jumbles, Data Interpretation, Reading Comprehension, puzzles, cloze test, etc. which fall in the section of grouped questions. With such grouped questions you will be able to score 5-6 marks in one go as such questions have 5 -6 questions at a stretch. This could be a double sided sword; you might spend a lot of time on a single block but still might have to leave it un-attempted.


8. Read IBPS-PO previous slot analysis: If your exam is not in the first slot of IBPS-PO exam, you have an added advantage. Once the first slot is over, you can know exact topic wise breakup of the entire question paper and comments of IBPS-PO candidates on the exam difficulty level. This will be helpful in getting prepared for the exam.

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Don’ts for IBPS-PO exam 2015:

1. Be careful: Usage of calculators, watch calculators, mobile phones, pagers, note books or books etc. is not allowed in the examination hall. The applicants must not bring any of the banned items including pagers/mobile phones to the examination hall.


2. No last minute preparation: Don’t start preparing any new topics at the last moment. This will only confuse you.


3. Take the test only once: You are allowed to appear only once in the examination for the post of IBPS PO/Management Trainees. Multiple appearances will lead to cancellation of candidature. If you have filled the form from multiple locations or in multiple time slots, appear only once.


We wish you all the luck and hope that our IBPS PO prelims do’s and don’t and time management tips help you in the exam. If you have any doubts, share your queries in the comments section below.

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