Nowadays most of the graduates coming from different streams are competing in the race to get into the banking sector. More than 20 lakhs applicants applied for SBI-PO for 2200 seats in the last SBI PO exam. There is a good news from SBI for the candidates who are waiting and looking for SBI-PO jobs in 2017. The interested and willing candidates can apply before 6th March on the banks website.

Through this blog, we would like to share with you the Pros and Cons of working in State Bank of India as a PO (Probationary Officer). These Pros and Cons are discussed below:


PROS of working as a PO at SBI:


SBI PO is a prestigious organisation to work for. Serving as PO in SBI is a status in its own terms. Also, SBI is the largest PSU bank and it is the third largest profit making organisation in India. So when you work at SBI, everyone knows you work at “SBI”!


Job Security

Working in SBI ensures the safety of job and a bright future. If you put in hard work, it also entrusts growth in both: designation and remunerations.


Handsome Salary

Probationary officers serving in SBI get a handsome salary package. Though salary is same as other PSU banks but some allowances do give an upper hand working in SBI. Other allowances & emoluments are much higher than most PSU Banks. Big boosts come in the form of wage hikes.


Better Future Scope

SBI is a giant in the banking Industry. Working with a giant ensures giant escalation in growth. Fortunately you can get selected in CAG, Treasury, FOREX, Import and Export or in any other specialised banking sectors which provides great exposure. Promotions depend on your performance and knowledge up to 3 scale positions.


Desired Qualification gets better payoffs

JAIIB, CAIIB qualification, CFP & other degrees get better salaries. For those who don’t have these certifications, SBI also provides free MBA Degree to the Graduate employees for Post-Graduation.


Resign at will

SBI PO can leave the organisation at any time by serving the notice period of 3 month under probation and 7 day notice period after probation, no bond no cuts.

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CONS of working as a PO at SBI:

Like every good organization, there are some demerits that come as a part and parcel.


Politics in Transfer and Promotion

First major con in the SBI is the involvement of Politics in transfers & promotions above the scale of 4. Also transfer is a big issue as the employees are transferred after every three years. This becomes difficult for a family person however women get the upper hand in this as their transfer choices are considered.


Loops in HR Policy

HR policy of the SBI is not up to the mark. It is observed several times that there is a lack of recognition of hard work for promotion to the deserving candidates.


Posting in Rural Areas

Rural posting is another big blow especially for the urban living people as the Government wishes to increase the rural posting term to 5 years. It is not easy to work in the rural branches. This is however the case with all PSU Banks and not just SBI.


Monotonous Life

There is not musch of difference in the work responsibilities and you are bound to have a similar work day for months. You follow the same schedule every day.


No extra Incentives

Either you give 10% or 100 but you are going to get the same salary.

Do you agree with this list of pros and cons of working as a Probationary Officer at SBI? Tell us in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you…


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