SBI PO 2015 was a cause of disappointment for many participating candidates. Many candidates barely cleared the Prelims cut-off, leave alone the Mains. The reason for such a low selection rate is the limited number of vacancies, but why is it that most students barely score enough to come close to the cut-off?

In this article we will discuss most Concrete Reasons for the failure in SBI-PO exam:


Try to to avoid these mistakes in SBI PO 2016:

The reasons which led to the failure in SBI PO 2015 are explained as following:

1. Unaware of the Competition

There were aspirants who took the exam casually last year and went unprepared for the examination. Either they did not know or they did not care that they were competing against 20 lakh candidates ffor only 2000 vacancies!

You will face even tougher competition this year, so be prepared for it.

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2. Less Acquainted with Online Pattern

SBI PO exam is conducted in online mode. Most of the 1st time Candidates had no or very little knowledge about the online examination pattern. This is because candidates were used to only with traditional method of paper- pencil. The online pattern was alien to them which made them uncomfortable. Candidates did not know how to operate the software used for conducting the exam and by the time they became familiar to the software, a lot of time was lost.

Take SBI-PO online mock tests and join online test series so that you are comfortable with the format and build your pace in it.


3. Attempted the paper in sequence

When we attempt an exam on paper, we search for simple questions from familiar topics and attempt them quickly. While in online mode, most of the candidates have a habit of attempting the paper in the order of the questions. This was one of the major drawback for the candidates who did this. Scanning the paper and searching for easier questions to attempt first is important to clear the exam.

Also keep this in mind that there is sectional cutoff in SBI PO exam. Focus on this factor as well . Answer atleast 20 question from each section in SBI PO.

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4. Lost usual speed 

Many candidates lost the speed in solving the questions in online mode. This happens because it is very difficult to focus o a computer screen for long durations, especially under exam stress.

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5. Time Management Problem

Candidates lacked effective technique to utilize the given time efficiently during the examination. Proper time management strategy must be acquainted to ensure success in SBI PO 2016. For building the strategy you need to emphasize on two things:

Firstly, practice hard and regularly to attempt maximum questions of SBI PO Prelims in 60 minutes duration. Practice will improve your speed and accuracy for solving and marking the answers quickly.

Secondly, try different techniques to solve and attempt the sample paper during the preparation period. This will help you to devise the best suitable way for attempting the exam. 


6. Unaware about the examination pattern

Some of the candidates who had very less preparation and knowledge about the SBI PO Prelims and hence suffered the consequences. Some candidates did not know about the sectional cut off and negative marking in the exam which made them pay the price. Some knew the syllabus but were not prepared for the exam difficulty level. Some did not know what cut-off to target and thus could not plan their attempt.

These were the factors that led to the failure in SBI PO 2015, but don’t repeat these mistakes in SBI PO 2016. Join a relevant and competent SBI-PO test series to check and overcome your weaknesses.

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