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Our experts have devised this article keeping in view the importance of quickly solving questions in Quantitative Aptitude section in all banking exams today. As everyone is aware, Quantitative Aptitude section not only carries high weight age but as per the latest SBI pattern, sectional time–limits have been introduced in both Clerical & PO cadre exams, increasing its importance further!

Keeping this view in mind, our team interviewed Mr. Nishant Jaiswal, SBI PO 2015 qualifier, who consistently scored well in Prelims and Mains.


Prepladder: Hello. Please introduce yourself?

Mr. Nishant: I am Nishant Jaiswal from Indore. I am a B.Sc. Honours graduate. My hobbies are acquiring knowledge about current affairs and playing cricket.

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Prepladder: You qualified SBI PO 2015? Was this your first attempt?

Mr. Nishant: Yes, I was through SBI PO 2015 exam. Currently, I am serving in Pune SBI branch. No, it was not my first attempt. I had appeared earlier for IBPS PO and SBI PO in 2014. But i was not through at that time.


Prepladder: When did you start preparation for SBI PO 2015?

Mr. Nishant: I had completed my graduation in 2014. After that, I took up a private job. I started preparing for banking exams side by side. I had worked really hard on Reasoning and English section. The only area where I lacked was Quant section. This is one of the reasons why I could not qualify in earlier attempts.


Prepladder: How did you make your Quant section strong?

Mr. Nishant: Well, frankly speaking, I had started preparing for Quant 3-4 months prior to appearing for SBI PO 2015. Gradually, I got hold of the syllabi but I was not able to improve my speed factor. As you know, time is limited in the exam so about 1- 2 months before the exam, I started working on my speed factor. At the time of appearing for SBI PO Prelims, I had significantly improved my speed and accuracy.

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Prepladder: Kindly share how did you improve your speed in Quant section?

Mr. Nishant : Well , there is no shortcut to improving your speed. Everyone knows the same maths formulae. Then where is the shortcut? However, some steps can be taken to work on speed and accuracy factor.

In my opinion, I recommend following strategies for improving speed:

  • Clarify concepts: When you master basics and concepts, solving questions will be a cakewalk.
  • Practice: You can only master quant section through Practice. Practise ample number of questions on each topic. Practice on a regular basis to master the syllabi.
  • Use approximation technique: This is particularly the key to success in Banking Exams. You need to master approximation for lengthy calculations of data interpretation. You might seek help from approximation tutorials, DI shortcut tricks & good comprehensive books.
  • Learn tables, Squares and Cubes: Learn Squares up to 30, Cubes up to 20 and tables up to 20. This will significantly help in arriving at solutions quickly. Most of the candidates waste ample time in making calculations. This is the recommended method to solve questions with ease and speed.
  • Take Online Test series: This is absolutely essential as almost all banking exams are of the online pattern now and candidates who are absolutely alien to the online pattern can never clear exams. Online Pattern will help you to get accustomed to Online pattern. It will also assist candidates in analysing and evaluating their preparation level before the exam. I personally took online test series nearly 1.5 months prior to the exam. I improved my speed using speed tests. I took both full – length and speed tests. Both helped me improve my speed & accuracy.
  • Master Formulas : This is a key trick as questions are direct formula based. You must memorise formulas in order to solve questions quickly. I made 1 sheet of formulas and revised daily in the morning and before sleeping at night.
  • Use Reverse Engineering: While attempting the exam, if you are not able to arrive at solution quickly for any question, review the options to see which option fits the question statement best.
  • Visually solve syllogism: I learnt the venn diagrams technique for syllogism and it helped save me from a lot of confusion and time wastage.
  • Data Sufficiency is tricky: Instead of solving full questions on data sufficiency, which is the biggest mistake, just see if you have the required data to solve the question. No one is asking you for the answer.
  • Practice Missing Data Interpretation Questions: Questions based on DI carry high weight age and are most scoring. In my opinion, you must practice ample no of questions on missing data interpretation as these are a bit different from the normal DI questions.

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Prepladder: Sir, what is your message to all Bank Aspirants?

Mr. Nishant: Prepare thoroughly. Don’t get stuck to any question during the exam. That is the BIGGEST time waster. I wish you all the best!


We hope the aspirants would benefit from Mr. Nishant’s views and opinions. If you have anything else to ask, feel free to share your questions in the comments section below.

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