SBI PO Prelims 2017 is coming round the corner. Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for SBI PO exam but only a few of them get through.

In this scenario of competition, it is not merely enough to get qualifying cutoff but equally important to score high (65+) in order to qualify for the Mains.

We share few preparation and attempt strategies for scoring 65+ marks in SBI PO Prelims 2017:


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Strategy to Secure 65+ Marks in SBI PO Prelims 2017

Let’s have a glimpse of the preparation strategy........

Strategy Prior to Exam:

1. Cover Entire Syllabus:

You must study the complete syllabus. You must ensure that you have not missed any of the topics on this list of “Most important topics for SBI-PO Prelims”.

2. Study as per the Importance of Topic and Exam Pattern:

Analyse previous year papers and you will get a fair idea of exam pattern and topic wise weight age. Study as per the exam pattern. Dedicate more time to topics which carry high weight age.

3. Give Equal Attention to All Sections:

Lay equal emphasis on each section. Do not dedicate too much time for any section. Every section is equally important so dedicate time to every section.

4. Solve Online Mock Test Series:

Attempt Online mock test series. This will make you accustomed to the online exam pattern. This will also help you evaluate your strong and weak areas and will further help you improve upon your weaknesses.

5. Make Notes:

Make notes of all important formulas and facts. This will help you in memorising the formulas and revising them frequently.

6. Arrange Sufficient Study Material:

We would however not advice you to have too many reference books. This only drains your time and energy. Study material should comprise of:

  • Sectional study Material
  • Sectional Practice Material
  • Full Length Mock Test
  • Previous Year Papers

7. Attempt online mocks:

To device the best strategy to attempt the exam, you must take regular online mocks. This will prepare you for the real exam and bring down exam anxiety.

Get ready to compete at All India Level for IBPS-PO Pre. It's FREE

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Strategy During the Exam:

1. Do not Attempt Paper in Order:

There is no hard rule to attempt the exam in order. Scan through the paper and attempt those questions first which appear easy to you.

2. Sound Time Management:

As time duration is 60 minutes for 100 marks exam, the question to time ratio is less than 1. This means that you cannot afford to spend too much time on any question. You must use a sound Time-Management Strategy for attempting the SBI-PO recruitent exam.

3. You must have a precise awareness of your strengths and weaknesses prior to appearing for the exam. Attempt questions which will help you sail through the exam easily and don’t touch questions from unprepared topics in the beginning. Questions in Reasoning and Quant can involve complex calculations. Identify the easier ones and attempt them first.

4. Focus on Clearing Sectional Cutoffs:

You must attempt sufficient number of questions in each section to ensure that you qualify the sectional cutoff of each section and not just the overall expected SBI-PO Prelims 2017 cut-off.

5. Do not do Blind Guesswork:

Do not attempt questions through blind guesswork as it would award you negative marks per each question wrongly answered.

6. Review Options:

You can follow the reverse engineering principle. If it takes too much time to arrive at the correct solution, you might review the options to see which option fits the given situation in the best way. This will help you to arrive at correct solution rapidly.

7. Use Shortcuts and Tricks:

You must use shortcuts and tricks to arrive at correct solutions quickly. This is especially true for Quant section. Use topper suggested tricks to solve Quant section quickly.

8. Be smart with English:

In English Section, try to attempt questions based on cloze test, fill in the blanks, error correction and vocabulary questions first as they can be solved quickly.


We hope that by using these strategies, you will surely be able to score high in SBI PO Prelims 2017. To test these techniques, apply them to any mock tests that you attempt during preparation.

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