The interview is an inevitable part of almost all banking examinations held nowadays. Banks generally conduct panel interviews with the purpose to evaluate the candidate’s communication skills, to assess the candidate’s ability to answer questions under pressure and to assess the confidence level of the candidate.

Interviews are not just a formality but carry ample amount of importance in the final selection of an aspirant. This article will highlight some of the qualities that banking aspirants are being judged upon and proven tactics for cracking bank interviews. Let’s have a glimpse of the strategies..

1. Communication Skills

The medium of communication in every banking interview is English. Candidates must respond to questions in English preferably. This will create a good impression of the candidate on interviewer panel. Reading English Newspapers, novels and listening to English news channel will help you improve your command over the language.


2. Enthusiasm

Every employer is looking for an active, enthusiastic, energetic employee as banking profiles don’t just expect you to push papers all day. You are actively involved in sales and for that, you must be proactive. However being unnecessarily aggressive and fake is not required.


3. Dress Sense

You must wear a formal attire while going for the interview. Dress up smartly as everything right from the candidate’s dressing sense to his knowledge is evaluated in an interview. Your dressing sense not just sets the first impression but leaves a lasting impression.

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4. Knowledge and Logical Skills

You must possess sound knowledge of current affairs of at least previous 6 months. Read newspapers, magazines and follow news channels regularly. You must possess ample knowledge of the banking sector and specific bank before appearing for the interview. Gather brief knowledge of banking sector and bank’s history, its services, its achievements by researching online. At times, questions asked from you will be based on logical skills and not just prior knowledge.


5. Non-Verbal Communication

Since the interview is conducted to assess the overall personality of the individual, you must make effective use of non-verbal communication means. Make proper use of gestures and facial expressions while answering. Your posture and overall body language must be correct. You must make eye contact with the interviewer while answering. This shows how alert and confident you are.


6. Presence of Mind

This is an important aspect as during the interview, tricky questions might be asked. Candidates must use their presence of mind to answer intelligently. Stay calm and composed while responding to questions in the interview. Be highly confident while answering. Do not get confused.


7. Willingness to join the Banking Sector

Although it is not possible to predict all the questions asked in bank interviews, there are certain areas from which questions are surely asked. These questions are usually related to why the person wishes to join banking and what is his desired career path. Prepare these frequently asked interview questions and practice speaking them effectively in front of the mirror.

We hope you will fine tune your Bank interview preparation as per these points. Score well in the interview round and assure your bank job this year.


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