Most of the candidates are preparing for both SBI PO and SSC CGL simultaneously because the exam dates are so close and owing to the prestigious nature of the job profiles.

Since the syllabus of SBI PO is widely different from SSC CGL, the candidates face tremendous difficulty in simultaneously preparing for both the exams. Prepladder has devised this article which would highlight a study plan which would assist the aspirants to prepare for both the prestigious exams simultaneously.


7 Steps to Simultaneously Prepare for SBI PO and SCC CGL 2016 Exams

1. Break it into small pieces: This is the foremost step before starting preparation for any exam. Analyze the Pattern, Topic-Wise Weight Age and Syllabus of SBI PO and SSC CGL 2016. You must go through the syllabi of SBI PO and SSC CGL 2016 thoroughly. Further, you must also analyze the exam pattern of both the exams. Also, analyze the weight age of each topic based on previous year papers easily available online.

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2. Evaluate Your Current Preparation Level: After going through the syllabus and pattern, you must have an awareness of your current preparation level. For this, attempt 2-3 mock tests for both the exams and check your performance. This will help you identify the areas where you need to work from scratch.

3. Prepare a Category-wise list of Topics: You must divide the topics into categories like: Most Important, Regularly covered, Less Frequently covered, etc. Then you must focus on preparing the most important and regularly covered topics. Advance on to the less frequently covered topics at the last.

4. Analyze Previous Years’ Cut-off for SBI PO and SSC CGL: Your aim should be to qualify the cutoff score before you can dream of maximizing your score. Go through the previous years’ cut-off for both the exams. Check your performance after attempting mock tests and try to improve your score.

5. Analyze the Similarities & Differences: You need to carefully analyze the similarity and difference between the Syllabus and Difficulty Level of both the Exams. This is the most crucial step if you wish to derive the maximum output in the minimum time.

Here are some highlights when we compare SSC-CGL and SBI-PO exam:

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SSC-CGL and SBI-PO comparison:

1. Quantitative Aptitude

SBI PO carries a limited number of chapters in the Quant section. However, the Quant section of SSC CGL contains a wider variety of topics besides the ones included in SBI PO.

Your Approach:

First, start off with the Quant syllabus of SBI PO. For SBI PO Mains, shift your focus to Data Interpretation and Analysis, Data Sufficiency topics.

Once you complete your SBI PO Prelims preparation, you must focus on the extra topics of SSC-CGL. Take SSC CGL mock tests throughout the preparation.


2. English Language:

The questions asked in SBI PO are aimed to evaluate the candidate’s comprehension and usage skills whereas more emphasis is laid on Grammar and Vocabulary in SSC CGL exam.

Your Approach:

Start with SSC level grammar and gradually proceed to SBI PO type questions. Attempt mock tests regularly on a mixed bag of questions from the different topics. Prepare higher-level grammar questions for SSC CGL Tier II after you are done with SBI PO.

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3. Reasoning Ability:

In SSC CGL, the level of reasoning is very easy whereas it is one of the toughest section in SBI PO.

Your Approach:

Prepare Reasoning Section for SBI PO thoroughly since this will help you in SSC CGL as well. After completing the syllabus of SBI PO, advance to the extra chapters covered in SSC CGL Tier I exam.


4. General Awareness:

There is no General Awareness section in SBI PO Prelims whereas it focuses on current affairs and financial awareness in SBI PO Mains. GA section accounts for a major weight age in SSC CGL Tier- I exam.

Your Approach for current affairs:

You must possess knowledge of the current affairs of the previous 6 months.

The habit of reading English Newspapers, Editorials and listening to news channels regularly will help you in gaining knowledge of current affairs. Else you can use shortcuts to prepare GK in 1 month.

Your Approach For Static GK:

Study all the topics from which questions are frequently asked; especially science. Take Mock Tests regularly.


5. Computer Awareness:

It carries a high weight age in SBI PO Mains whereas negligible questions are asked in SSC CGL from this section.

Your approach:

Study good quality reference material and take mock tests regularly to know exactly what is expected of you in the actual exam.


We are sure that the tips shared above would surely serve as a starting point in assisting the aspirants to prepare for SSC CGL and SBI PO simultaneously. In case you have any further doubts, feel free to ask them in the comments section below :)

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