The IBPS-PO Prelims 2016 exam is approaching, so it is extremely important for the candidates to maintain their focus and dedication throughout the preparation. Majority of the candidates are apprehensive of the English section although it is a highly scoring section. Keeping in mind the concerns of the candidates, this article will cast light on the types of English questions expected in IBPS-PO Prelims and preparation tips for the English section of the IBPS-PO Prelims 2016. 


Types of English Questions Expected in IBPS-PO Prelims 2016

There is no fixed exam pattern of the exam but based on what was asked in the past 3 years of IBPS-PO and SBI-PO exam’s English section, we can say that the expected questions are as following:

Type of Question

No. of Questions Expected 

Reading Comprehension

10 Questions 

Cloze Test

5 Questions


5 Questions

Spotting Error

5 Questions

Fill in the blanks /Sentence Correction

5 Questions

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Topic-Wise Tips for English Section of IBPS PO Prelims 2016

Attempt the English section of IBPS-PO Prelims exam in the following order if you do not have a personal preference.

1st attempt: Fill in the Blanks

This is the easiest part of the question paper which will fetch you the easiest 5 marks. Questions containing more than one blank are expected in the IBPS-PO Prelims. Read the statement carefully and select the option which fits the statement in the most appropriate way. Eliminate the options by simultaneously checking which of the options best satisfies both the blanks


2nd Attempt: Cloze Test

In these questions, a passage with few blanks is given and candidates are required to fill the blanks from the alternatives provided.

Remember that there is a logical connection between the different sentences of the passage. You can easily figure out the appropriate word for each blank space by observing how logic follows.

Eliminate the options by seeing which option fits the blank in the most appropriate way.

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3rd Attempt: Para Jumbles

It consists of 5-6 sentences in jumbled form and candidates are required to un-jumble all of them.

Analyze the different jumbled sentences carefully and try to figure out the starting and the concluding statement. This will help you to quickly arrange the sentence in the correct order.

Candidates must note that information in the jumbled sentence changes from general to specific. The goal is to arrange the sentence in such a way that information moves from specific to general.

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4th Attempt: Reading Comprehension

The passage can be based on a fictional story or a newspaper editorial column or and latest news. There is no set theme so you must practice 1 passage daily. Use the technique of skimming and scanning to go through the passage once and take note of which section of the passage talks about which ideas. This will help you to figure out answers quickly after you have read the questions. Do not omit Antonym/Synonym based questions since these questions can be solved by observing how the word is used in the sentence.

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5th Attempt: Spotting Error/ Sentence Correction

For solving these questions, candidates must read the complete sentence carefully and try to identify which part of the sentence contains the error. These questions are highly probable of going wrong if your English grammar skills are not sound. Check the subject-verb agreement while reading the sentence.

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Tips To Qualify English Section Cut-off

The English sectional cut-off is expected to be around 10-12 for the general category. Here is a list of tips for the students who are either weak or average in the English section:

  • Candidates who are weak or average in the English section must aim to qualify sectional cutoff and should not focus on attempting all the questions in the exam.
  • Practice a large number of questions based on Reading comprehension, cloze test, fill in the blanks and para jumbles as they prove to be highly scoring and do not require too much knowledge of grammar skills.
  • Practice reading comprehensions on different types of topics since any type can be asked in the exam.
  • Try to prepare for Mains simultaneously while preparing for Prelims.
  • Take sectional mock tests consistently to upgrade your score in the English section.

We are sure that the tips listed above will surely assist the candidates to excel in the English section of IBPS PO Prelims 2016.

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