Many people apply for IBPS-PO Exam without possessing an adequate knowledge which reduces their overall chances of getting through the exam. Students keep repeating the mistakes they made in SBI-PO when they attempt IBPS-PO. In consideration of this, we have devised this article which will cast light on 7 effective ways through which candidates can score better in IBPS-PO 2017.


Effective Ways to Score Better in IBPS-PO 2017

1. Questions are Regularly Repeated in IBPS-PO

A big truth with IBPS-PO is that questions are regularly repeated in IBPS-PO exams and that too in all the sections. Go through 4-5 previous year papers and you will figure out that nearly 2-3 questions are repeated in each section every year. It, therefore, becomes essential to solve previous year papers. Solve 5-7 previous year papers to grab this benefit. If questions are not repeated word to word then similar questions of similar difficulty level are asked.

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2. Do you scan?

When the exam was conducted in paper pencil mode, it was easy to locate questions from your favourite topics. You must do the same, now that the exam is online. Scan the question paper and look for the easiest questions first and solve them.


3. Emphasize on Group Questions

After you have done the scanning, you must focus on attempting group questions next since they will fetch you 5-6 marks in one go. Solve a variety of questions on topics such as Data Interpretation, Puzzles, Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, etc to master these topics.


4. Get ready to go online

Since the mode of the IBPS-PO exam has been changed to online, you must attempt mock tests as much as possible to get accustomed to the online platform. Check your performance after each attempt and work on your weaker areas. Also, work on your speed and accuracy since they greatly impact performance in the exam.


5. English is your trump card

Aspirants generally face problems in the English section since they do not emphasize on building grammar and vocabulary. Practice reading comprehensions with skimming and scanning technique to solve questions at a faster pace. Solve previous year papers since questions on cloze test, para jumbles, fill in the blanks to know what difficulty level is expected in the exam.

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5. Learn Shortcuts/Easy Problem Solving Methods

You must learn effective shortcuts and tricks to be able to solve questions at a faster pace. Do not stick to lengthy problem-solving techniques since they will consume a lot of precious time and affect overall attempt in the exam. Learn Tables, Squares, Cubes, Reciprocals and Use Approximation Techniques for Quant Questions. You must learn tables, squares, cubes and reciprocals till 30 in order to speed up the calculations in the Quant section. Also, make effective use of approximation techniques while making calculations or solving Data Interpretation questions.


6. Follow Reverse Engineering

You must avoid answering questions through blind guesswork if you want to score high in IBPS-PO. Try to answer the questions through Intelligent Guesses. In case you do not know the answer to a question, go through the options and try to eliminate the most irrelevant ones. Try to figure out the option which precisely satisfies the conditions given in the question.


7. Learn from others’ strategy

Since the exam would comprise 100 questions and the time limit is 60 minutes, candidates must frame an exam attempt strategy in mind prior to appearing for the exam. They must decide on the amount of time to be devoted to each section and per question and their minimum targeted attempt. We frequently share exam attempt strategies of toppers so that you can learn from them. The famous IBPS-PO 20-20-20 strategy is a big hit!


We hope that the tips listed above will surely assist the candidates to score better in the IBPS-PO exam.

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