Our Experts consistently receive queries from the aspirants enquiring

“Will I be able to qualify IBPS PO?”

“Will I be able to outshine lakhs of competitors in IBPS-PO?”

“With lakhs of candidates, what are my chances?”

Such insecurities frequently arise in the minds of IBPS PO aspirants. They are obvious to some extent since the competition is too Intense in this era. What is important is how you actually deal with this competition. Keeping the candidates’ concern in mind, we are sharing these tips:


Expert Tips to Beat 20 lakh competitors in IBPS PO:

1. Forget about 20 Lakh Competitors, You need to compete with yourself

“Do not panic by the competition, instead you must compete with yourself”- says IBPS-PO 2015 Topper: Garima Chauhan.

Try to take mock tests from the very beginning and try to improve your score, accuracy and time management skills with each test. See where you are going wrong and improve each day. Devote at least 7-10 hours each day to IBPS-PO Preparation in order to guarantee your success in IBPS-PO exam. Also, perform competitive analysis regularly in order to evaluate your preparation level and performance relative to your competitors.

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2. Attempt Online Mock Test Series

In order to keep a reality check of the actual competition, you must enroll yourself in a good ‘Online Mock Test Series’. This would help you to assess your performance relative to a large number of candidates and provide you a reality check. Further, it would help you gradually enhance your overall performance.

Initially, you must attempt Topic-wise tests after completing preparation of each topic. This would help you to attain a grip over each topic in-depth. After completing the entire syllabus, attempt Full-length tests on a regular basis. Review your performance after each mock test and strive to strengthen your weaker areas. Also, attempt sectional speed tests to enhance your speed and accuracy. Enrolling yourself in a widely acclaimed test series would help you perform a reality check since you will be able to analyze your performance and rank relative to other competitors. It might happen that you secure a lower rank at the beginning. Nonetheless, you must not get disheartened and must work to gradually improve your rank in the future.

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3. Attempt ‘All India Tests’ Prior to Appearing for the Exam

Several Institutes across the country organize ‘All India Tests/ Live tests’ prior to the exam. This is a remarkable opportunity for you since lakhs of candidates from across the country appear in these ‘All India Tests’. You must avail this golden opportunity since it will help you perform an accurate judgment of your preparation level relative to lakhs of competitors across the country. Your score and AIR obtained in these exams will provide you a reality check of your preparation level.

Matching your responses with the Answer keys and identifying your mistakes would help you to strengthen your weaker areas prior to the exam. This would serve as a ‘Silver Lining’ and a ‘Savior’ in such a high-level competitive exam.

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4. Read Toppers’ Success Stories

Go through the Success Stories of Previous Year Toppers and take note of the Preparation Strategy they use, Books they refer to, how they work on their Time-Management skills, their Strategy of Attempting the Exam, etc. In short, in order to ace the exam, you need to do everything what Toppers do. Go through numerous Success Stories and strive the Implement the same in your preparation. See what works out best for you to optimize your score.

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5. Reliable Guidance

Guidance is something which can help reach peaks of success. Try to take guidance and help from someone who had appeared in IBPS-PO earlier or someone who has cleared IBPS-PO. Someone who has got through the ‘tough’ IBPS PO exam can be a great source of guidance in aspects such as the Approach to prepare for the exam, the Approach to attempt the exam, Targeted Attempt and how to Manage Time while Attempting the exam.

Try to extract as much as you can from such sources since this guidance can really help you in climbing the Peaks of Success.


6. Remain Tuned to Discussion Forums, Blogs, Groups on Social Media

Discussion Forums, Groups and Blogs on Social Media sites are a great source for staying updated with the Exam-Related Updates. All these post very effective Tips and Tricks which can really prove effective in your preparation. Stay tuned to the Groups and Discussion Forums and go through their posts and updates regularly. These would provide you:

  • Effective Tips on preparation
  • Insights of Shortcuts and Tricks
  • Latest current affairs and news
  • Exam-related posts and much more.

Nonetheless, make sure not to get ‘Too Influenced’ by people or posts. Apply whatever you read and see what actually works best for you. Do not spend a lot of time on the Internet, which will lead to time wastage. Stick to a study schedule and make online preparation a part of it.

Efficiently implementing the above-listed Expert Tips would surely help you to Beat 20 lakh Competitors in IBPS-PO.

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