For the benefit of banking aspirants, PrepLadder has brought a round of IBPS-PO toppers success stories along with their success mantra that led them to crack IBPS-PO exam. In this series, we present you the success story of IBPS-PO preparation tips shared by Mehak Gupta.

Mehak Gupta believes that “the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is the choice of questions answered.” She says that continuous hard work is required along with proper time management in order to clear a banking exam.

Mehak Gupta hails from a small town in Himachal Pradesh. Despite being offered high-rank positions in private companies, she opted to prepare for PSU’s as she believes a government job offers more job security as compared a private job.


What was your preparation strategy for IBPS-PO 2016?

Just because I cleared the exam, I will not say that I prepared dedicatedly for 1 full year. I really prepared seriously for just 2 months and that is enough I feel.

My rule #1 was: don’t refer to too many books.

Your preparation should be comprehensive and not exhaustive. Since the exam is not very difficult, you don’t need to study from too many books. What you need is ample practice. I devoted sufficient time to all the sections as there is a sectional cut-off in each section and prepared maths section best as I am good in quant. I solved lots of questions daily and used to thoroughly practice the topics which have high weightage.

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How did you prepare for each section? Which study materials and books did you use?

For the study material, I asked a friend who had cleared the exam and practiced lots of mocks tests before the real exam.

(1) I was good at Quant section, and didn’t have to work much hard. I just practiced regularly to stay in touch.

(2) English was not my cup of tea. So, I started reading novels, newspaper etc. This really improved my grammar without getting bored.

(3) For reasoning I practised lots of puzzles, sitting arrangement questions as the major portion of LR is consumed by them. I worked to improve my speed and accuracy.

(4) I prepared General Awareness and Computers from day 1. These two sections are included in the MAINS exam only but I started preparing them from the very beginning because after the PRE exams result you don’t have much time to prepare these sections.

Don’t spend too much time on theory and start practicing. Mock test will contribute to 75% of your success.


Why do you give such high importance to Mock Tests?

As we all know that banking exams are conducted online. So, online mock tests are a way to success. In 2015 the exam pattern was completely changed and we needed to join a test series all the more. I believe one should take atleast 12-15 full length mock tests before the final exam.

  • My focus was to reach the last question of the section before on the time I had allotted to it were over. This involved attempting easy questions and skipping difficult ones in the beginning. I came back to them later if time permitted.
  • After each test, I spent ample time on the analysis part and saw exactly what mistakes I was making.
  • I revisited my study material whenever I was not able to solve questions from a particular chapter. This happened usually in Maths.

My aim was: All ‘Easy’ and ‘Medium’ difficulty questions must be attempted.

  • Since all questions carry 1 mark, if you answer maximum questions that belong to ‘Difficult’ or ‘Very difficult’ section, there is surely something wrong with your Question Selection. The time wasted in solving two ‘Very Difficult’ questions could have been better utilized in solving four ‘Medium/Easy’ questions.
  • See which questions took you a lot of time to solve. You can see this in the analysis area. Learn the approach or shortcut to solve them quickly next time. Work hard on practicing approximation techniques.

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What extra efforts did you put to clear the exam in 1st attempt?

I worked very hard and devoted 8-10 hours daily for its preparation. I was serious from the first day of my preparation and had a clear aim in front of me. I just wanted to hit the bulls eye. I gave 200% and forgot about all the comforts and worked day and night. I believed that difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra and I continuous effort to be included in the extra-ordinary.


Any message would you like to share with preparing for upcoming IBPS-PO exam?

Keep calm and believe in yourself. There is a little change in pattern in the upcoming exam. You can’t switch sections and time is allotted for each section in the MAINS exam is fixed. Nothing to worry, do practice online mock tests and it will not be a problem. Put in little extra efforts and you will surely succeed.

We would like to thank Mehak Gupta for sharing her experience with our followers. Hope it will prove to be useful for our readers.

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