With the IBPS –PO MAINS exam just a few weeks after the prelims, candidates never get enough time to prepare at the last moment. Candidates who will qualify the Prelims will find it difficult to prepare banking awareness at the last moment. In order to assist the candidates to excel in this section we have complied a list of most important questions/topics of banking awareness for IBPS-PO exam.

Banking Awareness generally includes:

  1. Banking Theory
  2. Banking Awareness


Topics generally included in Banking Awareness :

Banking awareness is a very broad subject but we can shortlist most important banking awareness topics based on last 5 year IBPS-PO Papers:

  1. History of Banking in India: Nationalisation of Banks , when was first bank in India set-up etc.
  2. Organizations: NABARD, Planning Commission, 5 year plans, Finance Commission, World Bank
  3. Economic/ Financial terms & concepts: CRR, Repo rate ,Reverse Repo, Bank rate, SLR, Mutual Funds, Open Market Operations; Money supply
  4. Acts, Committees & legislation: Budget 2016; Economic Survey 2016, Railway Budget 2016; Companies Bill 2013
  5. Role of Reserve Bank Of India in Indian banking system
  7. Foreign Exchange reserves of India
  8. Different kind of accounts and corresponding interest rates
  9. Non Banking Financial companies: Definition, Difference from bank etc.
  10. Headquarters and tagline’s of banks.
  11. BASEL norms
  12. Types of markets, banking and money instruments.
  13. Priority sector lending
  14. Banking abbreviations
  15. Government’s new schemes and policies

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Some Banking Awareness Questions asked in past 3 year IBPS-PO exam:

  • Which committee framed the RRB Act? Narsimham Committee
  • Which scheme registered its name in Guinness book for record one day registrations?- PM Jhan Dhan Yojana
  • Where is Central bank of India headquarters? Mumbai
  • Rupay is launched by? NPCI
  • Bank with head office in Kolkata? Bandhan Bank
  • Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of which country?
  • Bi-monthly policy by is formed by? -  RBI
  • rrb are funded by central govt state govt and ___? Sponsored bank
  • Bank Board Bureau appoints head of? Public Sector Banks
  • Where is the Head-quarter of Indian Bank?- Chennai
  • Shishu Kishor are a part of?- MUDRA BANK
  • Basel Committee is related with: Banking Industry
  • KVP lock period? 30 Months
  • What is not the function of a payment Bank?
  • 1st Micro Finance Company to change into Bank? Bandhan Bank
  • What is the portal launched by Finance Minister on Education Loan? www.vidyalakshmi.co.in
  • What is the time limit given to Small Banks to be in Operation? 18 Months
  • White label ATM- 100% FDI
  • Export risk insured by which financial institution-ECGC
  • Banking ombudsmen appoint by- RBI
  • BRICS Bank name - New Development Bank
  • REPO RATE- 8%
  • C stands for in "KYC" Customer
  • One question on real estate infrastructure fund
  • One question on senior citizen account
  • Minimum capital required for foriegn bank to open branch


We hope these topics and preview of these questions will help you narrow down your attention to only the important topics. With limited time in hand, focus on attempting more IBPS-PO Mock tests to see where you stand at All India Level.

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