UPSC Civil services examination (CSE) is considered to be the mother of all examinations. Aspirants preparing for Civil Services examination usually also appear for examinations like Bank-PO, IBPS-PO, SSC, RBI, State Civil Services Examination (SCSE) and State Public Service Commission Examination (SPSCE).

In this article, we will talk about how different is CSE exam syllabus from that of Bank-PO Examination:

1. Banking Examination consists of Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language and Current Affairs or G.K. and Data Interpretation which is common for the CSAT and GS of CSE Examination.

2. According to year 2015, pattern of Bank PO has changed and it would consist of Prelims and Mains sections. There is no major difference in syllabus for Prelims of CSE exams and syllabus for Prelims & Mains of Bank PO examinations.

Candidate who qualifies in the prelims would attempt the mains examination of Bank PO, just as we discussed in detail about change in 2015 IBPS Bank PO Examination article.

3. Bank-PO Prelims exam syllabus:

  • Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English


Bank-PO Mains examination syllabus:

  • Reasoning
  • DI & Analysis
  • GK
  • Marketing
  • Computers
  • English Language

4. The difficulty level of CSE Prelims examination is much higher as compared to the difficulty level of the Banking Prelims examination.

5. Marketing, Computers and English Language asked in Bank-PO Mains is not a part of the UPSC Civil Services Exam Syllabus.

6. CSAT of CSE is an aptitude test and exactly same goes for Prelims of Bank PO. The GS consists of extensive GK/General Knowledge. The GK of Mains examination of CSE and Bank PO are basically on similar lines, the difference lies in the difficulty level of the questions asked in GK. CSE GK is much tougher and requires in depth knowledge when compared to the GK section of Bank PO.

An example of the difference in the GK questions of both the examinations is:

In Bank PO: question pertaining to Repo Rate would be asked, whereas in Civil Services Examination question pertaining to factors affecting increase or decrease in repo rate would be asked.

7. Questions on Indian Polity and Governance, General Science, Environment and Biodiversity do not hold much importance in Bank-PO exam GK.

Around 2.5 to 3% candidates clear the Prelims and reach the Mains Examination of CSE.

So, the total candidates actually making to Mains are very few and the rest of the candidates must carefully and sincerely their options. It is advisable to always be ready with a Plan B.

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