Success rarely comes accidently or through good fortune. It takes rigorous efforts, planning and dedication - specifically when it comes to achieving success in this highly competitive era. PrepLadder has designed a Customized SBI-PO 2017 Study Plan to meet the requirements of aspirants that will help them better organize their time and maximize their productivity.

It is one of the rare products that will facilitate preparation in an organized and systematic manner and facilitate deriving output as per your study pace.


Benefits of PrepLadder’s  Customized Study Planner

It is specifically designed for SBI-PO Aspirants keeping in consideration the Important Dates & Topics.

It offers the Following Advantages:

  • Covers every important topic expected in SBI-PO 2017 
  • Creating, Managing and Tracking syllabus for a more comprehensive learning experience
  • Facilitate allocating time to specific subjects based on their importance from exam point of view
  • Establish an effective study routine by scheduling events on your Calendar


How to Create a Study Schedule using PrepLadder’s Customized Study Planner

All of you are already aware that SPI-PO Prelims is scheduled on 29th& 30th April and 6th & 7th May. Choose the date on which you want to end your preparation. The customized study planner will frame a study plan as per the current date and ending preparation date and will facilitate covering the entire syllabus of SBI PO. Just make sure that there should be a gap of more than 15 days in your starting and ending preparation dates since the entire syllabus cannot be covered effectively in less than 15 days.


We are sure that the Customized Study Planner will definitely prove beneficial for all the SBI PO aspirants in systematic and organized preparation. 

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