Words are the building blocks of every language. A person who has good vocabulary is termed as educated and professional. If you are a student then it is very important that you should have a strong hold on vocabulary.

Competitive exams like CLAT, CAT, SSC, Bank-PO, Clerk etc. gives much importance to vocabulary in the present scenario. You’ll find ample no. of questions on vocabulary in verbal ability section of almost every competitive exam. To have a high score in this section you need to work on your reading and vocabulary skills. Also, there are questions based on synonyms and antonyms which require you to have a strong hold on knowledge of words. A strong vocabulary will not only help you in this particular section but will also assist you in other sections of the examination.

The biggest problem with vocabulary is retaining the learned words. “What’s learned today is often forgotten tomorrow.”

Grasping new words isn’t the problem, but retaining and recalling them is the thing that most people fight with. Through this post, we will provide you expert tips that will help you to improve your vocabulary.


Expert Tips to Improve your Vocabulary

1. Read, Read and Read

This is the best and the most effective way to make your vocabulary strong. The more you will read the more words you will be discovering. Recommendations are that you should read novels and literary works. You can also go for magazines and newspapers.

Each time you found a new word note it down in your mind and look for its meaning in the dictionary.


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2. Always have a pocket dictionary or thesaurus with you

A pocket dictionary is a very useful tool in improving your vocabulary. You never know what new word you may come to know and when. A pocket dictionary will help you to look at the meaning of the word at the same time. Moreover, you can utilize your leisure time in looking for new words in the dictionary and their usage as well.

Circle the every new word you come across so that it is easy for you to look for them again. It will be better if you will practice them by writing as it will stay in your mind for longer and you will be clear of the spellings as well.


3. Use a journal

Journals can be proved as a very helpful way of improvising your vocabulary. Keeping journals with you is a very good idea as it will help to have a quick list of the new words you discover and moreover you can refer back to the list again and again and can slowly build them into your everyday vocabulary.

It will also motivate you to discover more words especially when you can see how many new words you've already learned.


4. To start with, learn a single word each day

If you are feeling that learning so many words at once is not possible then start with one word each day. Look for any new word every day and learn it thoroughly and forget not to revise it again.


5. Play games related to vocabulary

Learning while doing fun is the best way to learn. You won’t feel bored while studying this way. There are numerous games you can play like crossword puzzles, anagrams, word jumble, Scrabble, and Boggle.


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6. Participate in conversations as much as you can

Speaking in English is the best way to improve your vocabulary, the more you will indulge yourself in the conversations the more you will be able to discover the words within you and you will try to explore more. You will also come to know about the usage of the words and also you will be listening to new words from others.


7. Learn through drawings

Since we have discussed this earlier that the problem with the vocabulary is not able to retain the words you learn for longer. This problem can be sorted out if we think like an artist and starts drawing pictures related to the words we study. These drawings will trigger in your memory each time you will look at them in the future and you can recall the word.

This visual learning will be filled with fun and efficient way of learning vocabulary.


8. Vocabulary building apps

There are many apps available on the web that will enhance your vocabulary. They are readily available to you and are an easy source of vocabulary. The best part about them is that they are available in your cell phone and you can access them anywhere and anytime.


9. Use Mnemonics (Memory tricks)

Use mnemonics wherever possible. Mnemonics help us in memorizing. Make as many associations & connections as possible. Relate the word to the words you already know.

For example- Kindle means light or set on fire.

We can relate it to the word ‘candle’


You must not forget to practice putting new words into your writing and speaking and should try to retain them in your brain.

Here is a video where experts from ExamFormula will tell you exactly how to go about vocabulary preparation for any competitive exam. So watch and follow closely:


We hope that above-mentioned points will help you to improve your vocabulary and remember you need to discover and learn new words to expand your vocabulary and maximize the use of English language as much as you can.


“Knowledge is of no use unless you put it into practice”

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