You are already aware of the tentative exam dates released by IBPS for conducting major online recruitment exams of 2017 for the post of Probationary Officers, Clerks, RRB- Assistant & Officers. We are sure that the serious aspirants might have begun with their preparations by now.

For preparations of bank exams, joining a good test series can prove to be beneficial in scoring good marks but just joining the test series is not enough. It is very important to extract the maximum from online test series.

We often get query from many of the future bank aspirants that how can online test series prove to be beneficial in clearing the exam and how can we extract the most from it. Through this post, we will answer the common query of many students and will share with you the some of the best tips that will help you in extracting maximum from online test series.


How can IBPS-PO, RRB Online Test Series actually help?

As you are aware of the fact that now-a-days, almost every competitive exam is being conducted in an online mode, it is very important to get comfortable with online testing platform.

Attempting an online test is completely different from attempting an offline test. Pen and paper mode practice will be of no help to you if you are not acquainted with the online system. So, the more you practice online, better are the chances of your success.

Here are some benefits of online test series:

  • Easily accessible
  • Offers time flexibility
  • Gives you the real feel of the examination
  • Instant feedback of your performance
  • Large number of competitors

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Tips to Extract Maximum from IBPS-PO & IBPS-RRB Online Test Series

I. Spend enough time on analysis of the test

It is very important to thoroughly analyze the test once you are done with it. If you practice an hour’s test, then you need to spend atleast 2-3 hours on analysis of the test.

This is the best way to know about your weakness and strengths.

Find out your strong and weak topics and work on them accordingly.


II. Try Increasing  Accuracy

Find out how many questions you have attempted wrong. You already know that there is negative marking in exams. Spend time pondering over the questions answered incorrectly even when you have spent enough time on them.  Find out on an average how many questions you answer wrong on an average and try and reduce and reduce the number of wrong attempts in the future tests.


III. Understand Number and Nature of Questions

A good online test series will provide you the best questions for IBPS-PO exam based on the latest exam pattern. After attempting a few tests, you will get a fair idea about the importance of topics in the exam i.e maximum weightage topics.


IV. Sectional Analysis

Properly analyze each section and find out your strong part. You should not forget that there is a sectional cut-off also. So, don’t spend much time on a single section. First try to clear the sectional cut-off of each section and then, attempt maximum questions from your favourite section.

While practicing mock tests, try starting with different sections first and find out the ideal order of attempt for you.


V. Analyze your correct answers too

While analyzing, don’t just look at your in-correct questions or un-attempted questions. You should do detailed analysis of correct answers as well and find out any shortcut tricks for them. This will help you in increasing your speed.

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VI. Skip un-avoidable questions

In every exam, you will find 15-20% questions which are difficult and time consuming and can be avoided. You should not waste time in attempting such questions. You can find these unavoidable questions only if you have analyzed the paper well.


VII. Time Management

Proper time management is very important. While analyzing find out how much time you spend on single section. Plan your sectional timings in advance and spend more than the set time on single section otherwise you might land up in a big trouble in the end.


VIII. Don’t run for attempting too many tests

You focus should not be on attempting too many tests. It really doesn’t matter how many test series your friends join, don’t listen to them.

Rather trust the test series you join and prepare dedicatedly with it. Take your tests seriously and analyze them carefully and don’t repeat similar mistakes.


IX. Formulate a strategy

Finally, in the end you should formulate a strategy on the basis of your strengths and weakness.

  • Allot time limits to each section.
  • Plan your target number of questions to be attempted.
  • Find out the maximum weightage topics and prepare them thoroughly.


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