Are you feeling dejected and disappointed because you could not clear the IBPS PO Prelims 2016? There is no point suffering from the guilt that you were unable to meet up with the expectations of your family. These kinds of thoughts are weighing you back and pushing you farther away from success in 2017.

This is the time to give your best shot in the next attempt. Go well prepared for the IBPS PO examination 2017; this time you have an added advantage!

In the first place try to remember, as to why you applied for this exam. Through IBPS PO you will gain entry into one of the 20 Nationalized Banks across the country. Banking job gives you stability and is considered as one of the prestigious careers. Keep these incentives in mind and surely prepare well!


What added advantage do you have?

If you were for some reason unable to clear the exam in the first attempt, you still have added advantage:

  • You have the experience which the first-timers don’t have.
  • You have already covered the syllabus in detail
  • You have already experienced the online exam.
  • The added mental pressure that you can’t take the exam lightly


Have you learned from your previous mistakes?

Plan to learn from your previous mistakes. Check where you faltered in the previous attempt. Plan and work on the subjects and topics which need improvement. See what is wrong with the way you attempt the exam. You heard us right: Wrong attempt strategy.

This means:

  • You wasted time more than required time on some questions
  • You missed the sectional cut-off
  • You have low accuracy
  • You are not used to taking online exams
  • You have not planned the correct exam attempt strategy
  • This will take you a few steps ahead of all the 1st timers.

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Changed Pattern of IBPS PO Exam 2017

IBPS PO Examination 2017 pattern for Mains examination has changed this year. Though the syllabus has not changed yet things are tougher this year. You have to first clear prelims for being able to sit for Mains.

Plan a fresh strategy for clearing IBPS PO 2017

1. You should finish revising the syllabus atleast 2 weeks before the exam. After that focus on revision and mock tests.

2. Don’t waste your time running to coaching centers if you are comfortable with the syllabus.

3. Keep taking IBPS-PO online time-bound tests to check your level of preparation.

4. Work on your general awareness and computers section from the very beginning. Don’t wait till the Prelims result is out.

5. Don’t ignore English just because it does not have a defined syllabus. This section usually ends up being the weakness of most candidates.

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Take tests after test after tests!

You must have seen from your experience that it is NOT the syllabus or exam difficulty level that results in a candidate’s failure!

It is the time pressure to attempt 100 questions in 60 minutes with high speed and accuracy, that too online, that causes all the problems. The only solution is to repeatedly test yourself by taking time bound sectional and full-length tests.

It is very important to take these tests online so that you get used to the actual exam experience. These tests would give you a rank and compare your performance with other students all over the country. Online tests will improve your speed, accuracy and let you know about your strong and weak areas from where onwards you can improve your performance accordingly.


Don’t leave anything to chance. Make 2017 your best attempt!

Where to begin?

Wondering where to start preparing from? Try PrepLadders Free Mock IBPS-PO 2017 test and check your level of preparation against the candidates preparing all over the country. 

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Always remember,

“The amount of good luck coming your way depends upon your willingness to act”

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