SBI PO Preliminary Examination 2015-2016 was conducted last weekend on dates 20thand 21stJune, 2015 and will now again be conducted on dates 27th and 28th June, 2015. 2015 is the first time that SBI-PO examination will be conducted in Prelims and Mains format like IAS. A lot of candidates have already taken the test and the remaining candidates are preparing for the final rounds of revision.

It is expected that around 15-20 lakh candidates will be taking the test over the four days starting from 20th June, 2015; so the competition is tough!


Last Minute Preparation Tips for SBI-PO Examination:

1. Attempt Computer based test rather than paper based test – The benefits of attempting computer based are far more as and when compared to the paper pencil. The actual test is going to be on computer and the students usually waste 10- 15 minutes of time on getting used to the computer based platform.

A student takes time to get acquainted to computer based exam and the speed is usually slow on a computer based test. Taking such computer mock tests will help you to manage the time taken to solve the paper. So the candidate should give as many tests possible on a computer as and when compared to a paper based test.

A good computer preparation platform gives you:

- A realistic test rank and All India Ranking from amongst the candidates preparing all over the country.

- Computer testing platform also gives you the instant overall analysis of your performance. Thus, a candidate comes to know about his weak & strong areas and can further assess the areas of improvement and improve his performance accordingly.

Therefore, the Computer testing and preparation platform greatly increases the efficiency and speed of answering computer based exams; thereby promising the candidates a better score. Students can take the practice tests whenever they want and wherever they want.

Taking a Computer based exam is especially beneficial now, i.e. when just a few days are left for the actual exam to take place.

2. Give emphasis on same topics as asked last weekend

It is highly probable that the exam that is going to take place on 27th June and 28th June might be little more difficult than the one conducted by SBI for the post of Probationary Officer last weekend. Topics are expected to be same but the difficulty level might be a little higher. Topics and pattern of examination is expected to be same so that students could be judged on a common platform.

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3. Allocate Time to Each Section

Time management is of utmost importance while attempting Bank PO exam. Candidate should ensure that he allocates required amount of time to each section so as to clear the sectional cut–offs. (Also read SBI PO 2015 – Expected cut off) Start with the section you are most comfortable in, then attempt the section you have prepared thoroughly for and then attempt the most difficult sections dividing the time wisely in between them.

Divide your concentration between every section. Candidates are often found revising the easiest or the most difficult topics just before the examination. Candidates should ideally revise each and every chapter and section just before the examination.

4. During last minute go through the entire syllabus once again

It is very important to glance through each and every topic during revision. Don’t miss any of the topics. Glance through the tips, formulae and rules of the topics/chapters and solve a handful of questions from each of them.

5. Be cautious of the negative marking in the exam

The SBI PO Prelims 2015 will deduct 1/4th of the total marks assigned to each question if you answer wrongly. You should first answer the questions you are sure of and then shift to questions you can take a good guess at, taking into account the overall competition.

6. Practice writing Formulae and rules given in the syllabus

Aspirants might think that they have stored all the formulae and rules in their head but it’s crucial to write them down and practice. Visualizing the formula, writing them down and then seeing them written down in your own handwriting promotes retention scientifically. You can also prepare formulas topic wise and then revise them at the last minute.

7. Revise important questions and your notes

Go through your notes and the questions that you marked important during study, just before the examination.

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