IBPS-PO test would be conducted in the month of October, 2015 and students have started looking for the Best IBPS PO online test series 2015. An online test series is a robust test platform for practice during preparations for an examination. A good online test series will aid candidates to make an effective study plan which will enhance preparation in the IBPS PO examination.

Look for the following Features in your IBPS-PO Test Series:

Go for Quality and not Quantity

The number of tests you will be provided in the test series does not matter as compared to the quality of the test paper. You can check the quality of questions in the free trial pack and from there on judge the quality of questions that would be provided in the paid versions. Don’t go for packs that provide 50 test papers in Rs. 250. You have enough test papers in your books. Look for something extra!

Carbon Copy of the Actual Test

Best IBPS-PO online test series or testing platform should look and work exactly the same as the actual IBPS-PO exam platform. Students should get a feel that they are giving the actual exam while attempting the online test series. If the online test series is made to look like the same as the actual online examination, then the student would get enough time to get comfortable with the pattern of the examination and would commit fewer mistakes/errors related to how the software works.

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All –India – Rank

Test Rank and percentile is the most basic feature of any online test series available in the market. A competent and a good quality test series would give you your All – India – Rank instantly after you finish your test. This way you know where you will stand out of 20 lakh IBPS-PO Aspirants based on your current performance. An excellent Test Series won’t just give you your total score but will feature your rank at national level too.

Speed Tests/ Time Bound Tests

Best IBPS-PO online test series comprises of only time bound tests. Candidates will have to attempt the full length IBPS-PO tests in 1 hour and even if they have not attempted all 100 questions, the test gets submitted after the 1 hour gets over.

Good IBPS-PO practice tests are not just a bundle of questions. Rather the questions are strategically planned by the respective subject experts so that it is a challenge to attempt all the questions in specified time duration.

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Train you for Better Time Management

IBPS exams are not very difficult but time management is the biggest challenge for the candidates. A good online test series would give you tips on time management based on your performance.

It should tell you exactly where you are wasting time, average time spent per section and question. This analysis should help you improve your next performance.

Give you Detailed Analysis of Your Performance

Best IBPS-PO online test series would track your performance, evaluate it and give you a detailed overall and subject wise analysis at the end. It should compare your performance with the test topper and with the average student as well so that you know where you stand. All this should come with concrete suggestions for improvement.

Should be Affordable

Best IBPS PO online test series should be very reasonable priced. Yes you heard us right…. This might seem odd as in India we think that the most expensive thing in the market is undoubtedly the best.

Candidates from diverse economic backgrounds should be able to purchase it. A good test series should not be unnecessarily costly and within the reach of the students belonging to different walks of life. This way, maximum students can take the test at the same time and you get a fair test rank after the test. What is the point of a competitive preparation tool when not many people are competing?

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Error-Free Question-Answers

Best IBPS-PO online test series would have correct questions and solutions to the questions. There would be no mistakes in the structure of questions and the solutions provided to the questions. A good test series is composed of finest questions (chosen by experts) along with well explained answers.

Should Function Well

A good online test series is basically free of technical problems. While attempting the answers, software should not crash or hang. A good online test series needs internet connection in the start, i.e., when the test starts and towards the end, i.e., when the test finishes. Best IBPS online test series works even when the internet speed is slow.

Opportunity of Free Trial

A reliable and credible IBPS PO online test series will give you a chance to try their mock tests before you invest in the full series. Whereas an unreliable test series would ask you to directly buy the series.

By now you know what the features of a good online test series are. Take PrepLadder’s Free IBPS PO Mock Test 2015 and see how well it fairs on all the parameters stated above. This FREE Test is a preview of our Extensive IBPS-PO Test Series. To know more about this series, click on “Know More” button below:

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