IBPS-PO 2015 Exam registrations are open and the result of SBI-PO Prelims is out too. We are hopeful that most of you have begun the exam preparations. Candidates are ready to join coaching Institutes for preparation of IBPS PO Exam under parental or peer pressure.

In coaching institutes knowledge is imparted in a stereotypical manner, where the teachers teach the students regular syllabus that is asked in the examination. The curriculum is standardized and there is no student centric approach to teaching (USUALLY).

A Coaching Institute won’t Help You with:

Coaching institute’s teachers cover overall syllabus, solve doubts, and give regular chapter wise paper-pencil mock tests but don’t give individual attention to the candidates preparing for the exam.

They should ideally, help the students with:

  1. Better Time management in the exam
  2. Assessment of their weak areas
  3. Regular analysis of their performance
  4. Finding Loopholes in their Attempt Strategy

But are they doing this? No.

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Role of self study and online preparation:

For any average or above average student self-study is sufficient to cover the IBPS-PO Prelims and Mains syllabus. What you need for success is IBPS-PO exam requires much more than covering the exam syllabus. You need a strategy that works for you and speed to answer what you know. This is where self-study and online preparation take you one step ahead of the rest….

1. Learn at Your Own Pace

Candidates can learn from the books, online study material and tutorials available online. You can prepare lessons at your own pace and not waste time on studying topics you already know. You can spend as much time on your weak areas and there is no possibility of getting left behind.

2. Build Custom Time Management Strategies

The biggest challenge in IBPS-PO exam is efficient time management. Students can learn how to solve questions in a coaching class but no one will tell them why they are unable to attempt similar questions in the exam.

An efficient test series can track how the exam is being attempted and guides you with optimum time management tips based on your performance. Speed tests are conducted online and are time bound which means that as soon as the time gets over the test is submitted and this way the student learns the value of time management in exams here. A quality online test series would come up with suggestions so you stop wasting time in the exam!

Get ready to compete at All India Level for IBPS-PO Pre. It's FREE

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3. Extensive Analysis and Track of your Performance

As our Bank-PO Specialist Mr. Tarun Gupta Said in his interview: What is Wrong with my Strategy for IBPS-PO?

“Analyzing your mock test is more important that taking the test.”

We usually take paper-pencil based tests at our coaching institute, see our result, compare it with peers and that is it! How much time do we spend to see where we actually went wrong?

A good quality online test series would analyze your entire test as soon as you submit it, tell you about your strengths and weaknesses in every section and present you with custom suggestions for improvement. Candidates can thus sketch an improvement plan for IBPS PO as per the evaluation and improvement tips.

4. Open Competition

When preparing online or through a good IBPS PO online test series you exposed to competition with candidates all over the country. The coaching institutes don’t prepare you for the large scale competition that you will face in the actual exam.

Institutes also have online test series but only the students of the institute are enrolled in them; again you have exposure to limited competition.

5. Stay Updated at All Times

Candidates should Join and participate in Discussion Forums. They should join online communities and online portals to get updated with what’s happening in the arena of Banking sector. By joining such communities they would get the latest exam updates, tips to crack the exam and also improve their general knowledge. By joining such online platforms you will come to know against whom you are competing. If you have a Facebook account, Like PrepLadder on Facebook and get regular IBPS PO Exam updates.

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