In this post, team PrepLadder will be sharing the Bank PO success stories of aspirants, who after intensive offline and online preparation, have gained entry into some of the most prestigious public sector banks.

Indian PSU Banks provide commendable opportunities for young graduates. We hope that the tips shared by these successful candidates will help IBPS-PO exam aspirants prepare better.

Sarang Pethe

Got selected as PO in Punjab National Bank through IBPS-PO Exam 2015

When asked about her Journey to Success, this is what Sarang had to share about her Preparation Strategy:

“IBPS exam is like a game of cricket. It is about leaving good balls (difficult questions) & scoring on bad balls (easy questions)”

  • I did an analysis of my strengths & weakness on overall level and on sectional level
  • I examined cut offs of past 3 IBPS PO exam and got an understanding of overall range
  • I gave maximum time to Quant & Reasoning as these are the sections which consume time & are deciders of whether you will clear the exam or not.
  • For General Awareness I solely depended on Current Affairs available in Competition Success Magazine. Computers and English was easy for me and took no time to prepare. I basically prepared for IBPS-PO Prelims and Mains together.
  • Once I finished the preparation part I devoted time to solving questions & mock tests.
  • Now came the strategy part. Since IBPS exam has two cut offs i.e. sectional and overall, I understood that I have to score on my strengths & clear on my weakness.
  • I decided order in which I have to solve sections, time for each section & number of questions to be attempted

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Vikhyat Hindoliya

Got selected as PO in Bank of Baroda through IBPS-PO 2014

“Do not lose hope, work hard and analyze your strong and weak points and work on them.”


Don’t underestimate this section. Remember everyone is good at spoken English, but it won’t work out in Competitive exams. In exams they will test our ability how much proficiency we have in English by Comprehension, Error spotting, Cloze test, re-arrangement of sentences. Begin with the previous year and practice test papers and solve them in a given time frame. And for grammatical portion stick to any good English book of your choice.


A time consuming section for beginners. And practice makes you perfect to do well in this section. Various kind of questions were asked like sitting arrangements, Input output, Directions, Puzzles, Syllogisms, etc. It depends on the approach how you choose the questions within a time frame to solve. I have seen that many aspirants waste their most of time in solving a single question which cost them in their results. Remember that nothing personal in banking exam if you can’t solve it leave it. If you are not good in this section then don’t waste your precious time. Just do it to clear sectional cut-off and allot this time to other sections.

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Team PrepLadder hopes that yours is the next success story we will share with our readers. Here are some suggestions based on our years of training and preparing candidates for Bank-PO Exams all over India:

  1. Speed and Accuracy is a prerequisite for success in Bank PO exams.
  2. A way to know where you stand amongst your peers is by taking your performance in practice/mock tests.
  3. Strategize to always clear sectional cut – offs
  4. Analyze if you need professional coaching
  5. Practice and Practice as it makes one perfect

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We wish all the best to banking aspirants!

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