Syllogisms problems hold an important weightage in Bank exams. Quite many questions have come from this section till now and the trend is expected to continue in 2015 Prelims and Mains too.

Tricks and Tactics to Avoid:

In Books different formulas and shortcuts like the following are mentioned to solve problems on Syllogism:

Formulae for Syllogism:
A-->E (A conversion is E)

Don’t know about you but we think they are very confusing. PrepLadder Experts will now help you solve Syllogisms questions using the simple tricks of Venn diagrams.


Simple Tricks to Solve Syllogism Questions Quickly:

Through the use of Venn Diagrams you can solve syllogisms problems in an easy manner. Many aspirants find these questions difficult to solve but they are one of the easy questions to solve in reasoning section. We believe once you get into the habit of solving syllogisms using Venn diagrams, you can quickly visualize and tick the right answer in seconds.

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Some Examples of Syllogisms solved using Venn Diagrams are:

(Example 1)


  • All Dogs are asses
  • All asses are bulls


  1. Some dogs are not bulls.
  2. Some bulls are dogs.
  3. All bulls are dogs.
  4. All dogs are bulls.

Step 1: forget the solutions and concentrate on the Statements.

Step 2: On the basis of both statements, draw a venn diagram:

From the diagram it is clear that (2) and (4) conclusions logically flow.


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Wasn’t this simple? Let’s try another one… This time we will have 3 statements!

(Example 2)


  • All the locks are keys.
  • All the keys are bats.
  • Some watches are bats.


  1. Some bats are locks.
  2. Some watches are keys.
  3. All the keys are locks.
  1. Only (1) and (2)
  2. Only (1)
  3. Only (2)
  4. Only (1) and (3)

From the Statements, there are 3 possible Venn Diagrams because there is no clarity about the Bats!


From the diagram only option (2)Only (1) logically satisfies all 3 statements.

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Questions on Syllogisms from IBPS PO 2014 for your Practice

Q-1) Statements:

  • No Holiday is a vacation
  • Some vacations are trips


I. No trip is a holiday

II. Some holidays are definitely not trips

Give answer:

(1) If only I follows            

(2) If only II follows

(3) If either I or II follows

(4) If neither I nor II follows

(5) Both I and II follow


Q-2) Statements:

  • All coins are glasses.
  • Some glasses are cups.
  • Some cups are boxes.
  • All boxes are pins.


I. Some coins are cups

II. Some pins are glasses

III. Some cups are pins

Give answer:

(1) None follows 

(2) Only I follows

(3) Only III follows

(4) Only II and III follow

(5) None of these


Q-3) Statements:

  • Some fishes are plates
  • Some plates are spoons
  • Some spoons are plants
  • All plants are crows


I. Some plates are crows.

II. Some crows are spoons.

III. Some plants are spoons.

Give answer:

(1) Only I follows

(2) Only I and II follow

(3) Only II and III follow

(4) Either I or III follow

(5) None follow

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