An important strategy in efficient preparation of IBPS PO exams is solving previous years question papers. This is the first thing you must do before you start preparing from any book!

In this post you will find;

  1. Benefits of solving previous year’s papers.
  2. How to extract maximum from previous year’s papers.

What do you Gain from Previous Years Papers of IBPS-PO:

1. Familiarize you with the examination pattern

Solving previous year’s IBPS PO papers prepares candidates for the type of questions expected in the exam, the difficulty level. This equips them better to deal with surprises.

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2. Ascertain frequently asked questions in IBPS PO

Students can identify popular questions by glancing through 3-4 IBPS-PO previous year papers. The probability of frequently asked questions being repeated is high in sections like Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning and students can focus on such questions by solving previous years question papers. The exact questions are not repeated, but they would be asked on similar lines.

3. Helps you test your preparation level

By ACTUALLY SOLVING previous year’s papers, one comes to know which areas/topics in Quantitative section or reasoning section need a brush up or some more learning. You come to know your weaknesses in solving Reading Comprehensions or Sentence Correction (topics which are usually left unprepared). Moreover, you find out if you need to improve speed and accuracy.

4. Facilitates last moment preparation

Previous year’s papers assists in helping the students who start studying at the last minute and don’t have time to study the entire syllabus of IBPS-PO. One can identify important questions by studying from IBPS PO last year’s papers and can focus on such questions during the last minute preparations.

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How to extract maximum from Previous Year’s Papers

1. Attempt at Least 2-3 Papers

Students should just not read previous years test papers rather they should SOLVE them after going through them once. Students should at least attempt past 2 –3 years questions papers to get a fair idea as to what all comes in the exam.

2. Sit at a Stretch

Students should sit and work on these papers at a stretch and should avoid taking any breaks while attempting a single paper. Attempt it like a real exam. Give proportionate time to each section and develop your strategy. Don’t just read/solve random questions of these past papers.

3. Review Your Performance

If you find you are weak in a particular section while attempting these questions, mark the relevant topics in your books/study material. See where you wasted time and which section needs maximum improvement.

4.Track Changing Trends

Keep a track of what type of questions are not asked anymore and if there is a change in how questions from a particular topic are asked. Like questions on Number system, percentages might not be asked directly but in the form of data sufficiency.

5.Don’t Rely Blindly

Don’t just rely on previous year papers; every exam is unpredictable. Plus: with the changed exam pattern of IBPS-PO exam, you must be prepared for more difficult questions in the Mains.

Solving previous year’s questions papers is good strategy as it guides you much better than any institute or teacher. It helps you build and enhance your confidence.

A Piece of Advice from PrepLadder:

  • Even if the exam pattern changes as it did in 2015, the previous year papers of IBPS-PO will not become irrelevant. The format of the exam might change but the ‘type’ of questions is expected to remain the same.
  • Enroll yourself in a good test series which has at least 30-40% questions from previous year’s papers and the remaining on the previous year exam pattern.

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