Nearly 2 months are left for SBI-PO 2016 exam. Applicants are doubtful if it’s possible to prepare for the exam in just 2 months and secure a Bank Job. Some have refrained from applying since they have little hope of qualifying.

Team PrepLadder decided to clarify this doubt. So, those who have just thought of preparing for SBI-PO or IBPS-PO and want to know how to best utilize these 2 months, keep reading.

PrepLadders expert and 7 year experienced Bank PO Preparation specialist, Mr. Tarun Gupta shares his views with students on how to prepare for IBPS PO 2015 in last 2 months.


Hello Mr. Gupta. Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello students. I am Tarun Gupta, a B. Tech. graduate from NIIT Kurukshetra. I am here to clarify your doubts based on my past 7 years’ experience of coaching students for Bank exams. I will try and answer all your queries to the best of my ability.


Is it possible to prepare for SBI PO exam in just 2 months?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for SBI-PO or IBPS-PO in last 2 months. 2 months’ time seems too little to prepare for any competitive exam. But you should be ready to put in a little extra effort. The syllabus includes topics covered till 10th standard. Logical reasoning is surely different and very new but can be managed in 2 months time.

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What should be a candidate’s first step towards fast-track preparation of SBI-PO?

1. First step is to know which areas you need to work upon. No teacher, topper interview or personal tutor can tell you that directly. Here is what you need to do:

Take a full length mock test on the latest exam pattern

It will tell you about your weak and strong areas. If you happen to take the test online, you will be instantly updated about your weak areas, speed and accuracy. Attempt the entire test and not just in parts.

2. Step two is to devote majority of your time to cover the topics that are completely new to you but are highly probable of coming in the exam. Spend 2 hours/day on topics you already know and keep revising.

It is usually seen that most students go unprepared for English for the exam when they have little time to prepare; don’t do that!

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Does English Section require preparation?

Oh it surely does! Students go unprepared for English as they feel it’s the easiest section or that it can not be improved upon in just 2 months. This is especially true for students coming from Hindi background. If we look at SBI-PO 2015 Prelims Cut-offs, it was:

  • Reasoning Ability: 9.25
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 5.75
  • English Language: 5.75

The reason for such a low cut-off for English is that most candidates are unable to perform well.

There is no particular book available or specific syllabus available for English section. In English section focus on Grammar and refer to solved previous year Bank-PO papers for your preparation. Anyone who knows basics of English grammar and has practiced 1 reading comprehension/day can easily score 17+ in the Prelims.

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How can students score high marks in reasoning section?

You are tested on speed and accuracy in reasoning section. You can attain a high score in this section if you have practiced the concepts thoroughly, are well aware of the format of questions expected from all chapters, and take limited time to solve them.

2-3 hours of dedicated practice in these 2 months can fetch the desired results. So plan your study in a manner that you can devote 2–3 hours of dedicated and focused practice to logical reasoning for the first 1 month.

Do save your time and energy for the “quantitative” section.

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What is the most efficient way to prepare for IBPS-PO Quantitative section?

For Quants section you need to find tricks and shortcuts to be able to solve the questions quickly. Now is not the time to focus on learning tables, squares and cubes. Instead focus on important formulae to make your calculations easy. There are so many candidates who fail because of lack of time and most of their time is wasted on calculations in quantitative section which could have been avoided using tricks.

Try to prepare maximum chapters of quants sections. This section requires maximum hardwork in terms of defined syllabus. If you can’t attempt a lot of questions, keep your accuracy above 80%.


Is special preparation required for Mains?

There is no difference in syllabus but candidates should also prepare from Mains point of view. For Mains try difficult level of questions in all the three sections. You won’t have much time to start after the Prelims Result.

General Awareness and Computers will be covered only in the Mains but don’t ignore them. These are the sections that you cannot study at the last minute. You need ongoing study for them.

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Is external help required?

Well… It completely depends on the candidate. If the candidate feels clueless then he must hire a tutor. Some prefer crash courses. But one thing is must for all:

A good online test series!

An SBI-PO test series that is on the latest exam pattern and can track your performance. 4-5 tests for Prelims and 2-3 for Mains is more than enough. Go for detailed analysis of your performance after every test and it can teach you much more about your mistakes than any teacher.


Thank You Mr. Tarun for your guidance.

Any above average student can prepare for the exam in 2 months if he is ready to put in the required effort. If you have any further queries, please share them with us in the comments section below :)

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