Most of the candidates are seen running after predicted cut-off for IBPS-PO 2016 exam. Due to the extensive syllabus and excessive time pressure, they are seen struggling to score 35-40 marks in the Prelims. Well, let’s make things easier. Here are some simple tips to help you score those FREE/ Bonus 10 Marks that you are most probably losing out because no one told you these tricks!

9 tricks to help you score Additional 10 Marks in IBPS PO Exam

1. Attempt English language section first:

It can be tiring and hard to read long passages after you attempt reasoning and Quantitative sections, so you are advised to attempt English section in the beginning with a fresh mind.

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2. Never lose marks on Synonym/Antonym questions:

In English language section, for antonyms and synonyms, you might not always know the meaning of the word in the paragraph. In this case, try and see the context in which the word is used in the paragraph. Don’t leave these questions un-attempted because you don’t know the exact meaning of the word. Always review the given options. Look for the most suitable option and try replacing it in the passage. If the context does not change, it’s the right answer.


3. Do not answer the questions in the order they appear

It might be possible that in order to attempt the questions in the order they appear, you might not be able to reach the end where certain easier questions are given. You might spend most of your time attempting relatively more difficult questions in the available time. Therefore, scan the entire paper first and then pick out the questions which appear to be easier.


4. It’s not mandatory to calculate every question

It’s not necessary to solve every question, sometimes it’s better to verify which options satisfy all the conditions given in the question. On an average 2-3 questions in the quantitative aptitude section will fall in this category.


5. Beware of the last 5 minutes!

In the last 5 minutes of every test, most students try to increase their attempt by marking answers that they are unsure of. Avoid this habit. Most candidates lower their overall efficiency in these 5 minutes. If you are unsure or confused about answer to a particular problem, then it’s wise to leave it. Else 1/4th of a mark would be lost for every wrong answer.

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6. Try estimating the answer

You cannot fully solve all 100 questions in just one hour. So try to estimate the answer by taking out value near to the answer. Basically, check the options available for closest answers. Such tricks would be beneficial in tackling topics like profit, loss, Data Interpretation and so on.


7. Never get emotionally attached to a question

No matter how much time you have already spend on a particular question, if you are unable to solve it then leave it for the time being and move ahead. Mark it and come back to it at the end. Every teacher will tell you this tip but rarely do we apply it.


8. Remember sectional cut – offs

If you find a particular section time intensive, switch over to the next section and attempt sufficient number of questions there and then come back to the section which is taking your maximum time. Remember there is a sectional cut off for every section.


9. Learn shortcuts to save time

We are not talking about learning maths formulas, square roots, etc, to quickly solve quantitative problems. Shortcuts and tricks can be applied to logical reasoning section too. Try and solve logical reasoning question by drawing diagrams as this avoids any confusion and saves time. Questions on Syllogism can be easily solved using Venn diagrams and help you score 5 marks in the IBPS-PO Prelims exam.


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