We have been receiving a lot of queries regarding preparation of English Section for IBPS-PO exam. So we thought of reaching out to Toppers of IBPS-PO V who had prepared with PrepLadder. We think their success stories, tips and strategies will better guide you to prepare for IBPS-PO exam this year!  

Raevathi Banerjee (Cleared IBPS-PO 2015)

“I was not very good with reading skills and that’s why I needed extra preparation to secure high marks in English sections of IBPS PO. Reading newspapers like Times of India and The Hindu, journals and magazines helped a lot. This not only improved my reading speed and vocabulary but also kept me updated with the current happening around the world.

Reading newspapers also helped me to enhance my Banking awareness knowledge of IBPS PO exam.

To brush up my English Grammar Rules for once, I went back to the basics of English Grammar.

I Practiced lots of PrepLadders Mock Tests and IBPS PO previous years papers to get deeply familiar with the syllabus and pattern of the examination.

For improving vocabulary in English I would everyday learn a list of 5 words from vocab books and would use the words in communication with others. This learning helped me in solving antonyms and synonyms in the RC passages of IBPS PO.”

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Aarti Iyengar (Cleared IBPS-PO 2015)

“I somehow wanted to improve my grammar skills but was clueless as to from where to improve. Just at the right time, one of my seniors came to my rescue when he suggested me the book Wren & Martin. I read and revised this book very thoroughly and could almost crack all the questions relating to English Grammar in IBPS PO.

Another book I referred for English was – Objective General English – By RS Aggarwal.

And Besides reading these books I would also watch English News Channels like BBC, NDTV, read various Magazines like Competition success. There are many other fun creative ways to improve English.

Taking regular PrepLadder mock tests and quizzes helped all along…. “

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Piyush Rao (cleared written of IBPS-PO 2014)

I am from Engineering Background and was not so good in English Section especially the Reading Comprehension (RC) part of IBPS PO. Quants and Reasoning are my strengths and I would always fair well in both these sections. Being English my weak area, I decided to give maximum time to this section.

I read many magazines and newspapers in general and specifically RC Passages from last year’s papers and would always underline the main points in the passages. 

After grasping the main theme or crux of the passage I would move to reading the questions given at the end of the passage. Then I would focus on why, how and what and see the options carefully before marking the answers. All this was time consuming initially, but gradually my speed increased and so did my accuracy in solving these passages.

I would also focus on usage of bold words in passage as there were Questions on synonyms & Antonyms of those bold words. That is how I prepared reading comprehension intensively.

I first revised Grammar rules/basics, I moved on to practice sentence completion, sentence correction and spotting the error. I solved and resolved many IBPS PO previous years’ papers and gave PrepLadder’s IBPS Test Series to finally achieve a good score in English.”


Paban Jena (cleared written exam of IBPS-PO 2014)

“2014 was my second attempt so I did not want to take any chances. In 2013, when I appeared for SBI and IBPS-PO, I knew the answers but somehow always felt unsure. So for clearing English in IBPS PO 2014, I practiced and solved multiple test papers.I sincerely put an extra in English. With dedicated study, hard work and by Joining test series, I gradually improved.

I practiced PrepLadder’s test series for IBPS PO exam and gave their multiple tests which improved my accuracy. I came to know about my repeated mistakes with every test and joining the test series also helped me in improving my speed.

The most beneficial thing that happened was that I became comfortable with the Online testing Platform.

We hope the tips and tricks shared by these exam toppers give you a direction. So don’t think you are the only one struggling with the English section. Just decide to work hard for the next 2 months and secure your permanent job in a reputed Nationalized bank of India.

PrepLadder’s team of experienced teachers, study material and specialized IBPS-PO test series is always there to help.

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