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How to Effectively Use QBank & Prepare for CAT?

Aug 26, 2021

How to Effectively Use QBank & Prepare for CAT?

One of the most important parts of your journey to CAT is the QBank. The more you’ve practiced the questions, the better grip you have over the subject and that surely reflects on your CAT percentile. 

Your CAT preparation will witness a significant change once you know the practical application of the PrepLadder’s QBank- The Gold Standard for CAT.  

The QBank is not only equipped with conceptual, result-oriented, high-yielding questions but also with precise solutions and explanations which will quench your thirst for learning and give you the maximum result.

The QBank even has previous year questions for you to gain a cutting-edge advantage in your preparation. 

This article will navigate you through the amazing features of CAT QBank and how you can effectively use them to ace CAT.

Why use CAT QBank?

To level up your CAT preparation and get an edge over other competitors!

CAT QBank is a prime practice manual that has high-yield questions which will keep your grey cells ticking. With thousands of questions and their detailed explanations, the QBank helps students understand the important areas of focus and boosts percentile to the max!

How to make the most of the QBank?

To effectively use the QBank, it is advisable to solve every question to extract the most out of the QBank. Skipping questions is like skipping marks! No one likes it for sure. Apart from this, the below-mentioned pointers will surely assist you in efficiently preparing for CAT: 

# Practice Wide Range of Integrated Questions

Add more fuel to your CAT preparation by solving a wide range of integrated questions. The more questions you solve, the better you get at CAT.

# Practice Questions Topic Wise

All the topics included in the PrepLadder CAT videos are covered in the QBank. It gives CAT aspirants an upper edge over the rest as it comprises high-yielding result-oriented questions which go beyond the notes and videos. 

# Understand Better with Precise Explanations 

With our QBank, you not only understand concepts, you learn them better! After attempting every question, you get a precise explanation for its better understanding. It helps to grasp and recall concepts better.

#  MCQ ID Feature

Once you’ve attempted a question successfully, you will find this feature below the solutions. You have the liberty to save the question number and search it after any time which will help you to keep a track of the questions that you’ve answered. 

# Benefit from the TIMER feature

Keep a check on the time you consume to solve a question with this unique feature. It gives you an overview of how much time you spend on each question and how you need to manage your time for effectively answering questions in the final exam.

# Save your time with Bookmarks

You can save a significant amount of time by bookmarking all the important questions for the CAT exam. It further allows you to access all the crucial questions during revision and save you crucial time.

With all these useful features, your CAT preparation will become more convenient. And that’s what we want exactly!

All the best for the exam.

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